5 chips which will facilitate work with Chrome on Android

5 chips which will facilitate work with Chrome on Android

Google Chrome for Android and iOS contains a lot of hidden functions, the activation of which simplifies and enhances the experience of using the network. Chrome is world’s most popular browser, and although the version for Android may not seem so powerful as the full desktop version, it actually has a lot of hidden features that are either hidden behind an experimental “flags”, or of their existence, few people know. The world’s most popular browser allows you to access experimental features not in the main settings menu. It’s pretty easy. Just enter chrome://flags in the address field.

Why these functions are called experimental? Some of them are at an early stage of development and may not work properly. Other settings may be considered to be too complex to show them a mass audience. But experienced users who aren’t afraid of experiments and innovations can take full advantage of the experimental potential Google Chrome.

I chose the most interesting opportunities, which will tell you now:

1. Forced dark theme for web pages.
Insert “chrome://flags#enable-android-web-contents-dark-mode“into the address bar and set the value to “Enabled“.

2. Switch between tabs with a swipe.
You can switch between tabs using gestures. To do this, swipe to the right or to the left of the button tabs.

3. Chrome Duet.
Duet retains the address bar at the top and moves the frequently used functions in the bottom panel. To enable paste in the address bar “chrome://flags#enable-chrome-duet“and set “Enabled“.

4. Fast close tabs.
If you want to close current tab without opening the tab bar, hold down the button tabs for a second, and click on the “Close tab”.

5. Click on the word search.
When you click on a word or phrase in Chrome, the browser displays an information panel about all the things you have identified. Swipe up on the panel to see a list of results.

As you can see, mobile Chrome is a very interesting and worthwhile experimental browser features. They will allow you to comfortably view websites and other content. However, sometimes some experimental features may not work properly or not work at all, until the browser is restarted.

How to change sync settings

To profile data (e.g., bookmarks, history and passwords) saved in your Google account sync. Synchronized information will be available on all your devices.

To keep safe only certain data, configure synchronization settings.

  1. Open the Chrome app on your Android device.
  2. In the upper right corner click on your profile picture.
  3. Click Sync settings.
  4. Uncheck the option “Sync all”.
  5. Select which data should not be synchronized.

Other functions of Google

Described below are some generic settings that may be useful to you.

  • Allow sign in to Chrome. If this function is enabled, when you log in to your Google account in Google services (e.g. Gmail) sign in to Chrome automatically. If you don’t want that to happen, disable the function.
  • To fill in the search queries and URL automatically. If you use Google as search engine by default, Chrome can send Google a text from the address bar, and provide you with similar search queries, matches from your browsing history, and popular websites.
  • Offer options, if the page you are trying to open was not found. If the web page opens, the browser can suggest similar sites. To do this, Chrome will send to Google the address of the web page you’re trying to open.
  • Help Chrome become even safer. Chrome will periodically send system information and page content in Google, so we can quickly recognize potential threats. Also, these data will be sent every time you go to a suspicious website.The result is Chrome will be better able to block the downloading potentially dangerous files to detect malware.
  • To help improve the browsing and search. To work in the Chrome browser is easier to allow Google to collect anonymous data about the websites that you discover, and your actions on them. When enabled, this information is added to the usage statistics.
  • Quick search. Highlighting a word on a web page in Chrome, you’ll see search results for it in the bottom of the screen.


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