50 effective techniques for working in Adobe Photoshop

50 effective techniques for working in Adobe Photoshop

Sooner or later, the computer user is interested in editing, graphics, and photos in particular. Often the first app with which to meet a person becomes a “Photoshop” (from the English. Photoshop)? And all because of its popularity among a wide range of users, and besides the functionality of the program allows you to perform any manipulation on the images.

The possibilities in Photoshop are endless: with this program you can create amazing visualizations, the right atmosphere, emphasize the mood of the picture or completely to transform it. Not always need to spend hours or even days to process a single photo — often just a few minutes and knowledge of several techniques in Photoshop.

Techniques that will help you save a lot of time and significantly increase your efficiency.

1. Hit Tab to hide the Toolbox and palettes, Shift+Tab will hide only palette.

2. Double click the grey background will open a dialog box to open the file.

3. To select all layers, press Alt+Ctrl+A.

4. Caps Lock will change Your cursor to a more precise cross.

5. Press F and You will be able to choose from three different screen modes that will make the workspace more.

6. To draw a straight line using the brush or pencil, make a single click at the start point, then hold Shift+click at the end point.

7. Ctrl will turn any tool into Move Tool (Move), still hold it.

8. Pressed Space (Space) will turn any tool in the Hand Tool (the Hand), while holding him.

9. Pressing Ctrl and “+” or “-” increases and decreases the scale of the image.

10. If you use the Eyedropper Tool (eyedropper) hold the Alt — this allows you to sample a color for the background color.

11. Ctrl+Alt+Z and Ctrl+Shift+Z is used for undo and redo a series of actions.

12. The size of the canvas can be easily increase using the Crop tool, drag it off the canvas and hit OK.

13. Ctrl+J will create a copy of the current layer.

14. Ctrl+Shift+E will merge all visible layers into one Ctrl+Shift+Alt+E merge a copy of Vimy layers into one new layer.

15. Ctrl+D to deselect, Ctrl+Shift+D to return the selection.

16. Shift and + or Shift and “-” will change the layer’s blending mode to: Normal, Dissolve, Multiply, Screen, Overlay, etc.

17. If you select the Brush tool, transparency tool can be changed by pressing the corresponding number on the keypad.

18. Hold Alt and click on the eye icon next to the layer icon on the layers palette to hide all other layers except the current one.

19. Select the layer, hold down Alt and click on the border between the top and the current layer to create Cliping Mask

20. While holding Alt click on the button create a new layer “Create a new layer” on the layers panel to display a dialog box with settings for the new layer.

21. While holding Alt click on the button create new channel”Create a new channel” on the channels to create an alpha channel.

22. The Move tool in the settings option autovillage layer “Auto Select Layer” depending on place click.

23. Working with the Grid, drag the top levy the angle where the scale for the Grid, and the origin will be in the place where You release the mouse button. Double click in the upper right corner, reset the set point to its original position.

24. Creating a path using the Pen tool Tool can hide/show it again with Ctrl+Shift+H.

25. Ctrl+Tab will switch You between different Windows with images.

26. Hold down Shift+Alt, the transformation of the object will be made proportionally from the center.

27. If You have selected the Move tool and You want to copy something, just hold Alt and drag the image. Hold Shift+Alt to move the object easily along upravlyaushih Grid.

28. If You want to level the horizon or uneven edges after scanning, then take the tool Ruler tool (Ruler) draw a line along Your curve, then go to Image > Image Rotation > Arbitrary values of the angle of rotation photoshop fills himself was click OK and the image rotated.

29. To display the Rules pane, press Ctrl+R.

30. Ctr+E to merge the current layer with the underlying.

31. If you select the Brush tool, to control the diameter of the brush by means of buttons “[» и «]”.

32. Double click on tool Zoom Tool will return the zoom to 100% and on tool Hand Tool will stretch the image to the screen area.

33. Change the active layer by Alt+[ или ].

34. Move the active layer up or down using Ctrl+[ или ].

35. To hide the Grid guide, press Ctrl+H.

36. Press X to prikluchenia foreground and background swapped.

37. Press D to reset colors for foreground and background default colors: black and white.

38. To display the palette with the Brushes settings, press F5.

39. Ctrl+click on the layer icon in the layers panel will create a selection of the layer’s contents.

40. If you want to see the contents of the layer mask, then hold Alt and click on the layer mask.

41. Alt+click on the icon create a mask for a layer to create a black mask .

42. For better organization of layers — group is highlighted, pressing Ctrl+G.

43. Ctrl+Shift+N creates a new file with dialog; Ctrl+Shift+Alt+N creates a new layer in the working file.

44. When the active tool is Brush Tool keys [ и ] decrease and increase the diameter of the brush, and Shift + [ или ] change brush hardness.

45. Press Alt to Burning Tool began to function as a Dodge Tool, and Vice versa.

46. When you create text, clicking on the Enter-key creates a new row to finish writing, press Ctrl+Enter or Enter on the numeric keypad.

47. You can move the layer to any other image open in photoshop, so create a copy layer. While dragging hold down the Shift key and the contents of the layer will be inserted clearly in the center.

48. After applying the filter, its effect can be mitigated by using the function Fade by pressing Shift+Ctrl+F.

49. To copy a layer mask, you can drag it with pressed Alt on another layer.

50. Of vertical guide Grid is easy to horizontal by selecting the Move tool, hold down Alt and click on the guide itself. And Vice versa.

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