61 repositories for hackers on Github

A huge collection of useful items, tools, books and other sources for hackers, penetration testers and information security researchers.

Android Security

Collection of sources about Android security.


Resources to explore application security.

Bug Bounty

List of programs and records on Bug Bounty.


Penetration testing / Safety cheat sheets.


List of frameworks by CTF, libraries, different sources, software.

Cyber Skills

A list of hacker environments where you can hone your skills legally and safely.


A list of great community supported DevSecOps tools.

Exploit Development

Resources for exploring Exploit Development.


A list of resources for learning Exploit Development’s fusing and early stages, such as root cause analysis.


A list of amazing tutorials, tools and other hacking resources.


List of resources by honeypot.

Incident Response

List of tools to respond to incidents.

Industrial Control System Security

List of resources related to the security of the Automated Control System (ICS).


List of amazing information courses and training resources on information security.

IoT Hacks

Collection of hacks in the field of IoT.

Malware Analysis

A list of amazing malware analysis tools and resources.


A list of great Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) tools and resources.

OSX and iOS Security

Security tools for OSX and iOS.


A collection of tools developed by informatics researchers for network processing.


A list of stunning penetration testing resources, various tools and outstanding things.

PHP Security

Libraries for pseudo-random number creation, data encryption and vulnerability scanning.


A list of stunning reverse engineering resources.

Sec Talks

A list of useful security conversations.


A collection of several types of lists used during the security assessment.


A collection of software, libraries, documents, books, resources and other interesting security materials.

Social Engineering

A list of amazing resources on social engineering.

Static Analysis

List of static analysis tools, streamers and code quality controllers for different programming languages.

Threat Intelligence

Threat Intelligence resource list.

Vehicle Security

List of resources for security studies and hacking.

Vulnerability Research

List of resources for vulnerability research.

Web Hacking

List on the topic of web application security.

Windows Exploitation

A list of stunning resources on Windows operation.

WiFi Arsenal

A set of various tools for hacking 802.11.

Other useful repositories

API Security Checklist

A checklist of the most important security countermeasures when designing, testing and releasing your API.

APT Notes

Various public documents, official documents and articles on targeted cyberattacks (APT).

Bug Bounty Reference

The bug bounty list, which is sorted into categories, depending on the bug characteristics.


Instruments and sources of cryptography materials.

CTF Tool

Frameworks, libraries, other sources and software for Capturing the Flag.


List CVE Proof of Concepts (PoCs).


Excellent tools and sources for expert analysis.

Free Programming Books

Free books for developers.

Gray Hacker Resources

Useful for Flag Capture, War Games and Pentesting.

Infosec Getting Started

A collection of sources, documentation, references and other items to help people learn about information security.

Infosec Reference

It’s an amazing guide to information security.


A collection of sources with compromising indicators.

Linux Kernel Exploitation

Lots of links on Linux kernel phasing and exploitation.


Resources related to security and breaking locks, safes and keys.

Machine Learning for Cyber Security

List of tools and resources related to the use of machine learning for cybersecurity.

Malware Scripts

Useful malware related scripts.


Collection of multifunctional filling web attacks.


List of useful information on web application security circumvention and pentesting/flag capture.

Pentest Cheatsheets

Useful tricks for pentesting.

Pentest Wiki

Free online library for pentesters and researchers.

Probable Wordlists

Dictionary lists, sorted by probability, which were originally created to create and test passwords.

Resource List

Collection of useful GitHub projects.

Reverse Engineering

Articles, books on reverse engineering.


A set of tools on the radio frequency transmission protocol.

Security Cheatsheets

Cheat sheets for different tools and topics on information security.

Security List

A great safety list for fun and profit.


A list of frameworks, tools, guides, useful things to make full use of the console.


A book for the threat hunter, which will help develop techniques and hypotheses for catching.

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