Activating Windows. Why can’t I use activators?

Activating Windows. Why can’t I use activators?

Many active PC users often resort to the help of so-called activators, which are used to activate the Windows operating system. Of course, this is very convenient: you just need to download the distribution of the appropriate version of the operating system, run the activator and get the OS absolutely free.

Activator damage

Actually, it’s not as simple as it looks. Activators are a huge danger to the user.

An activator is a special program that automatically makes significant changes to the computer OS. Even if the developer of such an application has created a clean and safe version, other options can be added to it as a result of subsequent distribution:

  • spyware;
  • trojans;
  • viruses, etc.

The “Malicious” activator automatically becomes an integral part of the botnet by downloading the Windows version. Each of these resources has its own owner, who is able to get all the necessary data about the user and read the necessary information from the computer.

Botnets are created for the sole purpose of profit. The owners’ main task is to make money. Once a user has made his or her PC part of a complex fraudulent system, he or she may even be involved in criminal proceedings if the owner of the botnet is identified.

The operating system installed by the activator will not work quickly and smoothly. Once activated, the malware will start working and will cause the PC to hang.


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