Android: compilation of free software

SPO (free software) — distributed under the terms of the free license agreement giving the user the right to use the software in any, not forbidden by the law, to access the source code of the program in order to study and adaptation, and for the purpose of processing, to distribute the program (for free or for a fee, at its sole discretion), to amend the program and distribute copies of the modified (redesigned) program subject to the requirements of the inheritance license.

In the case with the non-free proprietary software, in contrast to the SPO, a monopoly on use, reproduction or modification in whole or in essential points remains with the copyright holder.

Smartphones on GNU/Linux are very small, most on Android. Therefore, it was written this article, where we will share free software for the green robot.

In General the purpose of the article isto spread free software, and thereby to protect yourself and your family from “different troubles“. The one who doesn’t use a smartphone (perhaps these are not there), can advise on this subject friends who have not abandoned pocket of the Top spies. TOP selection can also be used to find programs for their specific purposes.

TOP selection of programs for the smartphone

Everything related to networking:

  • Tor browser Browser to connect to the tor network.
  • Orbot Proxy with Tor kit — Skip all traffic through the TOR network.
  • InviZible Pro — A comprehensive application that consists of DNS Crypt, Tor, and I2P Purple. Provides filtering of inappropriate content, protection from tracking, access to the Dark Net and Invisible Internet. Read more
  • ZeroNet — Program to use ZeroNet network.
  • Riseup VPN — Vpn client.
  • Bitmask — Vpn client.
  • WireGuard — Vpn client.
  • OpenVPN for Android — OpenVPN client.
  • IceCatMobile Browser approved by the FSF.
  • Privacy Browser Browser focused on security and privacy.
  • Fennec F-Droid Fork of mazille with the removal of some elements.
  • UntrackMe — Transformerait links to YouTube and Twitter in the links Invidious and Nitter.
  • Speedtest — Check Internet speed.
  • DAVx⁵ — Application for management and synchronization of CalDAV/CardDAV for Android, which initially integrates with the Android apps to work with calendar and contacts.
  • Nextcloud — Client Nextcloud.
  • Nextcloud Notes
  • Etar — Etar — calendar-style material designed.
  • Download Navi — Multi-functional download Manager.
  • VPN Hotspot — Share your VPN connection over hotspot or repeater.
  • F-Droid Repository of open source code.
  • Net Monitor — Shows network connections of installed apps.
  • Network Log — See what’s accessing the internet.
  • Aurora Store — Download apk from Google Play Store. But be ostrozhny, most applications are closed source, with built-in Analytics, advertisement. You can read about backdoors in apps for Android.
  • Slide — Companion app for Reddit.
  • Forecastie — Show weather information from OpenWeatherMap
  • FairEmail — Email-client with an intuitive interface and privacy.
  • Tutanota Service encrypted e-mail.
  • Delta Chat — Instantly communicate via e-mail.
  • Messenger Protocol Matrix.
  • Pix-Art Messenger — Client XMPP .
  • Briar Messenger, working on the basis of secure network Tor.

System and interface:

Work with media files:


  • Book Reader — Reader supporting many formats.
  • Pdf Viewer Plus — A simple PDF viewer.
  • Librera PRO — Reader for all popular formats: PDF, DJVU, FB2, EPUB, MOBI, TXT, RTF, HTML, AZW, CBZ, CBR, ODT, XPS, TIFF + OPDS


monerujo — Monero wallet for Android!

Bitcoin — The Bitcoin wallet for Android


Free software gives you the right to distribute copies of the software, thus helping your friends to use free software without obtaining a license.

Bug fixes

If the software product is free, it gives you the right to correct any found errors in it, and modify it to your needs. If the program is proprietary, you can’t fix the bugs or extend the functionality. In this case you will have to contact the owner of the software product with request to make necessary corrections, and adding whatever features you want. However, there is no guarantee that the owner will do it.

Technical benefits

Open source free software product available to a large number of people, giving them the opportunity to correct detected errors in it; it contributes to the development and improvement of the product. This system of “peer review” can be compared with the scientific method of research.

Instead of a conclusion

Of course, free and open source software is increasingly taking over the audience. Program based on open source is quite successfully used by private users as well as commercial, state and public organizations. Software powered by open source and free software is already in use as pre-installation for some models of laptops and smartphones from various manufacturers. In addition, open source software is gaining market automation systems for small and medium enterprises.

WARNING! All links in the articles may lead to malicious sites or contain viruses. Follow them at your own risk. Those who purposely visit the article know what they are doing. Do not click on everything thoughtlessly.


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