Applications for Windows 10 that give you complete control over your system privacy

Applications for Windows 10 that give you complete control over your system privacy

See two apps that control your operating system’s privacy settings.
Because data is the new digital currency of our era, Windows 10 collects a variety of telemetry data: how you use your system, whether programs work properly, what personalized advertising based on your activity or installed applications should be shown.

If you’re worried that Windows 10 is monitoring your activity, below are two tools that give you full control over your operating system’s privacy settings.

O&O Shutup10

O&O Shutup10 is an easy-to-use tool that lets you change a myriad of privacy settings in Windows 10, from telemetry to collecting usage data in Microsoft Edge.

Shutup10 evaluates each privacy setting, provides recommendations for how it should work, and identifies potential issues that could cause it to shut down.

Next to each parameter is a toggle switch that makes it easy to activate or deactivate it.

For more information about the risks of disabling a certain parameter, you should pay attention to the “Recommended” column:

– it is recommended to disable;

– can cause Windows 10 features to fail to work properly;

– will affect the overall functionality of the operating system and its security.

To learn how an option works, you can click on the text, and then a special window will appear.

Shutup10: configuration menu

To try O&O Shutup10 for free, you can download it by going to link.


Privatezilla is a Windows 10 Privatezilla Privatezilla tool, released recently by the renowned Windows tool developer Builtbybel (formerly Mirinsoft).

Originally called SpyDish, Builtbybel created it from scratch to be presented as an open source tool called Privatezilla.

Like Shutup10, Privatezilla gives you full control over your Windows 10 privacy settings: disabling telemetry, app permissions, and other features that may allow Microsoft to collect your data on OS usage.

Using Privatezilla is very simple: you uncheck or check the various options you want to disable. When everything is ready, you can click on “Apply selected” to accept the changes.

To see how each setting affects the privacy of Windows 10, you can hover your mouse over it and get a short description as shown below.

If you find that you’re not comfortable with the settings you’ve accepted, you should click the “Revert selected” button to reset the system to the default settings.

To try Privatezilla for free, you can download the program directly from the GitHub project page.

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