Artificial intelligence has learned to read human thoughts

Artificial intelligence has learned to read human thoughts

Scientists have created a technique by which the computer can track signals from the human brain, as well as simulate visual perception. Thanks to this artificial intelligence has learned to demonstrate previously unknown information, published the journal Scientific Reports.

The method is based on the earlier brain-computer interface, but scientists have been able to provide two-way communication

During the interaction between the computer and the human thinking organ, the first one reads the signals that are sent by the brain and transforms them into a visual model. Due to this, there is an opportunity to present in a quite comprehensible form the information that arises in the consciousness.

It is also noted that the signals sent by the brain and the creation of their visual model were carried out by a computer at the same time

The experts, who carefully studied the conclusions of the specialists of the University of Helsinki, emphasized that so far nothing of the kind has been created. The point is that both signals sent by the brain and the creation of their visual model were created by the computer at the same time.


Earlier, Ilon Mask stated his willingness to introduce chips into the human brain. Neuralink has updated its neuro-interface, introduced a year ago. The developers have reduced the size of the device and reduced the number of electrodes used: now they are not 3072, as in the previous version, and 1024. The work of the neuro-interface was shown on the pig: with the help of implanted electrodes it was possible to count its brain activity from all channels.

For more: securitylab.

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