As you run the Edge browser in private mode?

In Windows 10 the default browser -Microsoft Edge. Microsoft Edge can’t compete with the popularity of Google Chrome, but many users of Windows 10 still uses built-in web browser by default

This is a universal app (UWP). Edge gradually acquires useful features since the release, there are many useful tools, such as the extension EPUB support, group tabs, preview tabs and a dark theme.

InPrivate is the name of a private viewing mode Microsoft Edge. When you use InPrivate, Edge removes the local history when you close all browser Windows.

Private browsing mode does not provide full privacy, but it does not allow your browser to save history, searches, cookies and other private data between browsing session. Your browser always start in private browsing mode if you prefer it.

First of all, go to the desktop and create a shortcut. This method works with both regular user accounts and admin accounts.

  • Right click on the shortcut Edge.
  • Select “Properties”.
  • In the “target” field add: “-inprivate”. The space.
  • Click “OK”.

The next time you open Edge using this shortcut, the browser will start in InPrivate mode.

Remember that your browser will not be able to maintain the login state of the system, configuration, web sites, or any other data types, if you will. It can be as convenient, and not always pleasant.

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