Аtilo: expandable with Termux on your Android smartphone linux

Good day digital shamans. A little time has passed since the release of the first smartphones running Android before enthusiasts have learned to run on their Linux distributions. Today, the method of installation of Linux distributions on Android devices is widely known, and repository Google Play there are even automated systems for installing and running Linux.

Another simple way to install linux distribution on a smartphone. Root permission is not required, only mounted Termux (agree that it at us already is).

Why is it necessary?

At first glance it may seem strange that someone is trying to run on the mobile device operating system is not designed to work with small screen sizes and without enough accurate manipulator (mouse) and keyboard. However, one should not draw hasty conclusions. A Linux distribution can give the user quite a lot of advantages, among which are a set of old-fashioned tools such as command line utilities, advanced editors, FTP and SSH servers, network tools and application development. Running Linux without a graphical shell for a smartphone with hardware evil keyboard comfortable enough to use all of this on the go without the need to leave the Android.

Script Atilo

Atilo script (does not require root rights) by which the user Termux can deploy on the smartphone linux distribution.

GitHub-page of the utility: https://github.com/YadominJinta/atilo

Install and use

1. Add the repository to your repositories list and termux’:

$ echo "deb [trusted=yes] https://yadominjinta.github.io/files/ termux extras" >> $PREFIX/etc/apt/sources.list

2. Set atilo:

$ pkg install atilo

3. View the list of available distributions:

$ atilo list
The followings are available


4. And set the desired (e.g., CentOS), and then run it:

$ atilo install centos
$ startcentos

If all goes well, we will get to work the CentOS 7 console (arm version of the distribution).

5. To delete a distribution if it is not needed, with the command:

$ atilo remove centos

6. The list of installed distributions can be viewed with the command:

$ atilo list --installed


Supported distributions:

What’s next?

Linux distribution installed next to the original Android system, can be a very convenient working tool, but at the moment, “Linux inside” is considered more of a toy and a way to show off to friends than a serious solution.

I am sure that soon when Android will be a complete implementation of the graphical server Wayland, the situation will begin to change and we will see distributions with tailored for small screens interface and a full Linux applications distributed in the form of a conventional APK packages.

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