Best Linux distribution in 2020

There are a huge number of Linux distributions and they all have their own purpose, their own goal, some are designed for home computers, others for server systems, in addition, there are distributions that have a narrower specialization, such as those focused on the implementation of audio, video studios and so on.

This article will be useful first of all for beginners “linuxoid”. It is important for beginners to get a stable working system with all necessary applications with minimum effort. Besides, good support in the form of a developed Russian-speaking community is needed. What can I recommend here? The Linux operating system is widely used as a server operating system, probably even more than for ordinary personal computers, due to its stability, speed and security. The distribution system is not standing still and it is time to sum up the intermediate results of the Linux race. Which Linux to choose in 2020?

TOP of GNU/Linux systems

Ubuntu and Linux Mint are without doubt the most popular Linux desktop operating systems with the largest Russian-speaking community. The simplest and friendliest interface, even more friendly than the Winda interface. It is a huge and very kind community which will gladly help in the most difficult situation. Ubuntu is the best choice for a newcomer in 2020.

Ubuntu follows the ideas enshrined in Ubuntu’s manifesto: the software should be completely free and users have the right to customize and change it as they see fit. Linux Mint is based on Ubuntu and is almost completely compatible with it, so the problems and their solutions are common here. For a long time I have been installing this distribution on office computers due to its greater similarity to Windows and unpretentiousness to hardware.



Manjaro. Rising star. Incredibly fast, because it’s based on Arch. But, unlike Arch, it’s not as nerdy and gloomy. On the contrary, Manjaro shines with all the colors of the rainbow and implements innovative ideas in graphic design and usability. The undoubted advantages of this distribution include an intuitive installation process, automatic hardware detection, special scripts for managing graphics drivers and extensive desktop customization capabilities. It looks more modern than Ubuntu.


Fedora is one of the oldest distributions based on the commercial Red Hat Enterprise Linux distribution and supported by the Fedora project community. Many people forget about one very important advantage of Fedora – it’s the only one that gives them the opportunity to get acquainted with the latest technologies in the field of oupsensor faster than other distributions. So what happens next is that the Fedora user works with programs that a Debian user will see in about 5 years.

It strives to be at the forefront of technology, where it rolls around to find commercial applications. There are also “custom” versions of Fedora, called “spins”, focused on games, security, design, scientific computing, etc.




Debian is the exact opposite of Fedora. Stable, reliable, for use in real projects. But boring to an outrage because of its backwardness. An interesting feature of Debian is the support for 60,000 packages, 99% of which are not needed by anyone. In short, the choice is professional, not beginner.

Programmers and web developers are especially jagged as to why it is better to ask them. It was Debian that became the ancestor of the aforementioned Deepin Linux.

In the end.

We have presented you the best Linux distributions in 2020 for beginners. We are all different and the system requirements are different too, so any rating is quite subjective. If you are looking for an operating system which is extremely easy to use but still very functional, then Manjaro is perfect. If you want a lightweight operating system like Windows PC, then Linux Mint is what you need. That’s the beauty of Linux distributions, it has everything and for every taste. Linux is the right choice for anyone.


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