Black market information services overview

Black market information services overview

It is very difficult, and rather impossible to give a precise and detailed description of this market, with the classification of product groups, sales volumes and its segments, you can try to offer rough estimates and general direction of market development. In this article we will try to describe the main product groups…


1 place

A special place among illegal services is occupied by the section related to information about subscribers of mobile and landline communications:

    • Receive information by phone number, including personal data of the owner of the number – from 4 thousand rubles
  • The details of calls and SMS (without text messages) of any subscriber of mobile communication on the “black market” costs about 20 thousand rubles per month.
  • That already with the ability to view the text of messages costs from 90 to 160 thousand rubles per month.


  • Mobile device IMEI code installation is offered for 40-50 thousand or SIM-cards, which were used in the phone by unknown IMEI, – from 80 thousand rubles



Each telecom operator has a personal account for its subscriber, which includes opportunities for service management and contains a lot of interesting information.

On the black market, you can get a password to your personal account for 40 thousand rubles.

The listed services are provided not only in RF, but also in CIS countries, the difference is only in terms of providing information.
Location SIM-card domestic operator outside of our country offer to provide for 80 thousand rubles.

Determination of location by IMEI – about 50 thousand rubles, and the so-called “flash” – a one-time location – a house, street and address on the map – about 35 thousand.

In addition, you can buy a service to control your cell phone, which includes “wiretapping”, recording conversations, viewing messages and information about the location, all from 45 thousand rubles per month.

2 place


Kidnapped or lost cell phone can be a valuable source of information used for criminal purposes.
Today, special software and hardware complexes used for forensic research can also be used for illegal purposes.

Having possessed someone else’s cell phone or laptop, you can make the technique “remember everything”.

Should we talk about the danger of the consequences of a forgotten phone, leaving it unattended or giving it away for repair.

The service provided on the “black market” allows showing all accounts and passwords ever used on a cell phone for only 5-10 thousand rubles.

3 place


To get access to social network accounts or e-mail is offered with a wide range of prices from 800 rubles to 100 thousand.

At the same time, the market of information services can offer a service for sending fake e-mail from 5 thousand rubles and access to a computer via IP-address for 150 thousand rubles remotely.

Black market offers:

    • Set a subscriber by a known IP-address – from 15 to 55 thousand rubles depending on the provider;

Set a subscriber by a known IP-address.

    • Get full registration data about the owner of any site – 100 thousand rubles
    • Set up data on accounts in social networks, including full name, date of birth, e-mail, subscriber phone, list of IP addresses used for authorization – from 50 thousand rubles
  • Get the history of messages exchange (correspondence) of the social network user plus 30 thousand rubles to the previous service.

4 seat


This section can include all kinds of data obtained illegally from various organizations, the so-called “breakthroughs”:

    • Information by car number, VIN, as well as its history (for example, which cars are registered or were registered to the indicated person) – 3,5 thousand rubles
    • Information on all “cards” of the vehicle, driver’s license check – 3 thousand rubles
    • Check human registration – 5 thousand rubles

Transaction check on the wanted person – 5 thousand rubles.

    • Check a person for a criminal record – 5 thousand rubles
    • Getting a copy of the company No. 1 (to be filled in when issuing a passport, contains photo and basic data of a citizen) – 15 thousand rubles

Getting information about the property – 3-20 thousand rubles.

    • Data on the facts of border crossing for the last 5 years (including air and railway tickets) – 29 thousand rubles
    • Availability of car in person (+ current and archive) – from 1000 rub.
    • System “Potok” (tracking the addresses of the car on the cameras) from 3500 thousand rubles


This section demonstrates in all its glory the lack of proper control over information entrusted to various ministries and departments.

5 place


Besides purely informational services, the “black market” presents a range of various special technical devices, the circulation of which is prohibited in some countries.
This is not the subject of the article, but it is possible to list some of the presented devices to expand your horizons:

  • The keychain with the display is universal, opens any barriers and gates – from 6 to 15 thousand rubles.
  • Trank universal to the alarms, capture the signal, open and close any car – from 150 to 250 thousand rubles
  • Hidden bug SIM-audio with GPS coordinates – from 7 thousand rubles
  • Hidden HD video camera with transparent glasses – 15 thousand rubles
  • Hidden camera and microphone, made in the form of a light bulb, with the function of data transfer via Wi-Fi – 15 thousand rubles
  • The “keyboard spy” device on your computer – 5 thousand rubles


The author tried to bring the actual cost of “shadow” services in order not to create illusions of incomprehensibility of the financial costs that would be required to obtain the necessary information.

That’s how much on the black market is the secret of correspondence, telephone conversations and other hidden things for every person and citizen.

Note: Some prices in the 5th section are very high. Many of the items in this category can be purchased abroad, for example, on the notorious AliExpress, but the customs may not miss them.


WARNING! All links in the articles may lead to malicious sites or contain viruses. Follow them at your own risk. Those who purposely visit the article know what they are doing. Do not click on everything thoughtlessly.


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