Create a Wi-Fi hotspot to intercept data

Create a Wi-Fi hotspot to intercept data

Every day we spend a lot of time online, because the Internet in our time allows us to consume a huge amount of information, gives work and generally simplifies our lives. Imagine a situation where there is an urgent need

to go online, but the mobile internet isn’t catching or it’s just over.

Unfortunately, many people in such situations begin to look for unprotected access points, thus putting their data in great danger, as very often an unprotected “public” Wi-Fi network turns out to be an access point for data interception. All data entered by a person connected to such a network will go directly to the fraudster.

I suggest you check how this system works from the inside and create your own data capture point.

Download Kali Linux


Come into the terminal and prescribe commands to install WiFi-Pumpkin:

▫️git clone

▫️cd WiFi-Pumpkin

▫️chmod +x

▫️sudo ./ –install

Run WiFi-Pumpkin


Once launched, you will be presented with the wifi-pumkin interface. Go to the Setting tab and give your access point a name. Next, in Activity Monitor settings, check the boxes for HTTP-Requests, HTTP-Authentication and Pumpkin-Proxy. On the Plugins tab, select what is more important to you. Pumpkin-Proxy allows to use various ready-made solutions (keyloggers, BeEF, code injection, etc.) But SSLStrip+ paired with dns2proxy allows to bypass HTTPS and capture much more credentials.


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