Create VPN-TOR-VPN bundle

Create VPN-TOR-VPN bundle

I am sure everyone who reads this article is interested in their security and is trying to improve their ligament. Today, we will create and configure the connection “VPN-TOR-VPN” step by step. In this way, you will create from scratch a fairly powerful and secure chain that will be difficult to untangle.

In my opinion, this chain is one of the best that a beginner can set up without much skill. But in any case, you will have to sweat a little, as this process takes quite a while. Carefully and gradually work through the information submitted in practice, so as not to fuck up your work and time.

Moving on to customization:.

The source of the Internet should be a 4G modem, you can buy the left sim in the transition, pay for the package and use it. This will already protect you from the eyes of the provider in your direction.

First of all, download and install the program VirtualBox.

Download link:

Then we go to Whonix and install the package for VirtualBox.

Direct link:

Once downloaded, double-click on the image and it will automatically load into your VirtualBox.

Customize VirtualBox:.

Next, rock the Windows 7 image for the virtual appliance, you can install here and install it on VB. To do this, click “Create”, call your machine whatever you want, then select the bit rate for your system. Then select the amount of RAM that we will allocate for its operation. I advise you to set it to 1gb, the more here the better. Then click on “Create virtual disk”, select the disk type VDI, dynamic, and allocate the amount of hard disk space for the system. Here as much as you need, I allocate from 60gb. Then we start the system, specify the image and wait until everything is installed. Usually this takes about an hour.

Customize the network:.

First, we turn off the virtual desktops and go to the main me VirtualBox.

Open the “Network” tab and switch the connection type from “NAT” to “Whonix Internal Network”. Next, start all the virtual machines and go to

Windows 7. Through the control panel, enter the network control center, click on “Change adapter parameters”, right-click on the connection, configure IPv4 parameters and prescribe the following settings:

IP address:



Then we save the settings.


Now your work machine has access to the Internet only through Whonix, aka TOR. Before working on your home system we connect to the VPN, run all the virtual machines and on the work system also run VPN. This way we create a VPN-TOR-VPN connection, which is quite a strong connection, then we can put this connection on the grandfather if you want.

WARNING! All links in the articles may lead to malicious sites or contain viruses. Follow them at your own risk. Those who purposely visit the article know what they are doing. Do not click on everything thoughtlessly.


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