Display driver stopped responding and has successfully recovered. How to solve?

Display driver stopped responding and has successfully recovered. How to solve?

This is due to the work of the diagnostic process Timeout Detection and Recovery. Prior to implementation of this utility when an error occurs with the video driver the computer reboots previously showing the user a “blue screen of death”. In Vista introduced this mechanism, which in the absence of a response from the graphics card restarts the driver, which may result to the user by the appearance of “black screen” for a few seconds, and then in the lower right corner is displayed to notify the video driver and the computer continues to operate in standard mode.

Note. For older graphics cards video drivers are completely compatible with your Windows version may be missing.

Causes of problems with your video driver there are many, conditionally they can be divided into software and hardware, respectively, and they are solved differently. A common error in Windows 7 and less in Windows 10 — the message “Display driver stopped responding and has successfully recovered“with the subsequent text on what driver caused the problem (usually NVIDIA or AMD). It should be understood that 100% exactly the reason you identify is not likely to be able to, but this is not necessary, it is sufficient to assess the likelihood and proceed to the solution.

One of the reasons is the overclocking

Unstable video card may be its acceleration. If you squeeze from your computer to the maximum capacity, you should check how this affects the stability problems are detected with your video driver. Return the frequency of the CPU, GPU and video memory up to standard and check the system error occurs.

Not updated DirectX

Most users do not pay for the DirectX version, and updated it only when you install different games (when they are included with the Repack, there is a certain version of DirectX (often it is not the new!)).

As a result, after a certain time, DirectX is obsolete and could start a conflict with different SOFTWARE, requires the latest version of this library. By the way, it can appear error that missing some file “d3dx9_43.dll”for example.

Incorrect video setting in the driver bar

Another reason because of which the display driver may stop responding, is the mismatch between the tasks that he is able to perform, with the requirements of the game or application. That is, if the user has enabled, for example, the texture filtering, but it is disabled in the software driver, a conflict may occur, which will result in an error.

If this problem takes place to be, is to set up the driver for the game or the game driver. Some programs, responsible for the optimization of the video card, have built-in functionality to automatically adjust to a specific game (or performance application).

How to fix the error “display Driver stopped responding and has successfully recovered”?

Consider a few possible ways of solving the problem when the video driver has stopped responding and has successfully recovered NVIDIA and AMD.

The first option for NVIDIA cards, and AMD. Is to reinstall the video driver or update. In this case, the driver is better to remove using the program Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU) and not by using operating system resources.

And uninstall using DDU is recommended in the Windows safe mode. The current driver is better to download from the website of the video card manufacturer or NVIDIA or AMD.

The second option suitable for NVIDIA cards. The essence of which is to change the graphic settings of the video driver, specifically the power management settings. To do this, go to “NVIDIA control Panel” by clicking on the desktop with the right mouse button and selecting the appropriate item.

In the opened window choose “Manage 3D settings”, you need to find the “power management” and from the drop down list should be set “Preferred maximum performance”.

Saving the changes will be to restart the computer and check the left an error or not.

The third option suitable also for NVIDIA cards. In this case, the solution is to change Windows registry settings.

On the desktop shortcut Win+R in the Run dialog box, typing “regedit“and going to the registry you need to pass in this way: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlGraphicsDrivers. Here you need to create a key DWORD (32-bit) with the name TdrDelay and opening it to set the value 8.

The fourth option for NVIDIA and AMD. The solution may be cleaning the card from dust, replacing thermal paste and removing stains proteksi of spacers. And eye-catching silicone oil in the process maps of the gaskets in the interaction with the dusts as a result, the suspension which allows time to conduct an electric current.

It is possible that none of these methods will lead to a positive outcome, in this case, you unfortunately have to deal with that or look for other ways to bypass the causes of such errors. For example, “tweaking” the registry or using programs like nvidia inspector to change the settings of the video drivers and reflashing the BIOS of the video card and other ways that can lead to loss of functionality of the device.

Source: zen.yandex.ru and minterese.ru


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