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Build Windows 10 Pro 64bit from RuCoreNET Project (ISO image)

 width=Downloading a ready-made Window’s 10 is a great solution for those who don’t want to understand the intricacies of installation, look for unpacking keys and get into the software.  You don’t know the software and don’t want to waste time on searching, activation and installation? Just download the author’s russian Windows 10 build from our website right now – we’ll save you the trouble and trouble.

For those who want to quickly install Windows on their laptop or computer and immediately have a complete and stable operating system, you just need to download the ISO image with the programs and drivers from our site at the links below. At the heart of it is a clean original image with integrated updates installed by programs for comfortable work.


Version: Windows 10 1909 x64 Pro [Rus].
Designer: Microsoft
Language INTERFACE: Russian
Treatment: There is an activator on the desktop


Minimal computer requirements

2 Gb of memory for the system 64 bits.
Monitor with resolution from 800×600.
Graphical adapter must support DirectX 9 versions and driver WDDM 1.0.
From 30 Gb free space for Windows 10 x64.
Processor with frequency from 1 GHz or system on a crystal SoC.


Tips for deploying Windows 10 x64

After you have created a bootable Winds 10 64-bit flash drive, you can start the installation. If you have a new hard drive, there is no need to take any preparatory steps. But as long as the system is installed on it and you have been using your computer, be sure to check the system disk for the necessary files. Many inexperienced users store important information on the desktop – you should know that it is on the system disk, and you will lose everything that was on it. Copy everything you need to know to another partition on your local drive or removable media.

Without removing the flash drive, turn on the computer and enter the boot menu using hotkeys – in 99% of cases F8 – F12. Select Boot from USB HDD and press Enter. Press any key to download from USB HDD when prompted to copy files. At the end of this process, a window will open to select the language, time format and keyboard layout. Leave everything as is and click Next. Click Install in the window that opens. On the next steps we agree with everything, select the option Selectively only install Windows and get to the partition selection screen.

Format the partition allocated to the system, select it and click Next. Windows 10 x64 will start copying files, and upon completion a reboot will take place. The next step should be skipped, select the item I do not have a license key (if there is one – just enter it, then you will not have to use activators). The author of the build took care of the activator and threw some on the desktop, so when you finish installing Windows 10 64 bit Rus you can open the corresponding folder Activators and run one of the contents.


The popularity story of Windows builds

Not everybody knows that old (rare) versions of Windows were also built for professional needs. But they have not gained wide popularity, and the personal computer itself was considered a luxury item in 1994-1996. Later on, in 1999-2001, Windows 98 (exceptionally successful version of SE) and Windows 2000 (the basis of all subsequent Windows) were mostly modified. Modern Windows 10 inherited many principles of administration from Windows 2000. Therefore, those who have thoroughly understood Windows 2000 are well aware of what Windows 10 is: a normal wind-only, no more.
The powerful wave of popularity of Windows builds covered users in 2003-2008. Personal computers were in demand, and the builders integrated a suite of office software and much more into XP. WPI compilations of software were also included in the builds, many people will probably remember Loner-XP, ZverCD and other masterpieces. By the way, since those distant times we still know a reliable XP build from SamLab.

Especially the XP builds during the release of Vista were famous. This brake system did not want to work quickly on new laptops, so the builders integrated AHCI/RAID drivers in XP (in addition to a set of updates), and “Piggy” worked perfectly – without annoying glitches Vista.

When Windows 7 came out, the XP builds slowly began to lose popularity. Unlike the bony Vista, the seven was a great system, and after the release of SP1 it became super. And since the algorithm for building a build was significantly different for 7 (compared to XP), and the original is already excellent, the competitive amateur systems with it was quite small. Many users were disappointed with the build, because the original 7-ki coped perfectly with the tasks, working very quickly. And in the updated form – copes and still (if, of course, there are drivers for 7-ku for the motherboard).
Windows 8 actually somehow got past the users. Or rather, it wasn’t noticed near the 7th, it wasn’t accepted and appreciated (most). And many people did not want to pass by with XP either (especially if you have 512-1024 MB of RAM). The interface of 8 seemed to be too uncomfortable, but Windows became really scolded after the release of version 10.

 width=Really good Windows 10 became after the 1909 update. And if you optimize this version a little bit, it works fantastically well. Therefore, both the original and build from 1909 are in great demand. Now there is a new “ten” of 2004 on the way, but no special advantages in its insider release was noticed. Assemblies of 1909 work perfectly and perform all tasks.


Download ISO image by direct link:


Yandex.disk – link to folder


Link to ISO image file


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Based on the original ISO image downloaded from the official website from Microsoft. All OS built-in programs are free and have open source code. The distinctive feature of our build from other builders is that all built-in software is portable, stores all its settings and data cache inside its working folders and does not clutter the newly installed OS. Windows operating system modified by us is distributed as Demo version and has no built-in activation key or other file modifications allowing to activate it illegally (the exception is the third party software in the folder “Activators” which can activate the system at will of the user and only the user).

Screenshots of the operating system:









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