Editing (deleting) metadata

Editing (deleting) metadata

Metadata must be removed before it can be published, such as photos.

Usually the file itself stores the coordinates of where and when the photo was taken, as well as the name of the device with which it was taken.

There is also a lot of other information.

In order to remove this data in Ubuntu you can use the MAT software suite.

MAT has a GUI application, a command line application and a library for deleting exif data.

In order to install this toolkit, you need to run the following command

sudo apt-get install mat
when installing the MAT, exiftool is also installed.

After installation, you can use the GUI application, run it from the console.

Or by pressing the Super key (Windows), enter MAT and start the program.

The program looks like this.

You can add a file by clicking Plus, the file opposite is written Dirty.

This means that the metadata is present.

To view this data, double-click on the file.

To delete the data you need to select the file and press “Clear.

MAT can remove the metadata(exif) from the following files:

Portable Network Graphics (.png)
JPEG (.jpg, .jpeg, …)
TIFF (.tif, tiff,…)
Open Documents (.odt, .odx, .ods, …)
Office OpenXml (.docx, .pptx, .xlsx, …)
Portable Document Fileformat (.pdf)
Tape ARchives (.tar, .tar.bz2, …)
MPEG AUdio (.mp3, .mp2, .mp1, …)
Ogg Vorbis (.ogg,…)
Free Lossless Audio Codec (.flac)
Torrent (.torrent)
You can also use the console application.

In order to scan the current folder, you can use the command (a dot means the current directory).

mat -c.
The list will be displayed.

[+] ./__foo.jpg is not clean
[-] Unable to process ./td.vc
[-] Unable to process ./tt.vc
[+] ./IMG_20160617_164248.jpg is not clean
[+] ./IMG_20160617_164248 (copy).jpg is not clean
[+] ./foo.jpg is clean
[-] Unable to process ./.td.lock
In which you can see which files have metadata present or absent.

To remove the metadata, you can use the following command

mat -d <file_name>
The following command removes the metadata(exif) of all files in the current folder, but leaves a copy of each file as file.jpg.bak. (dot stands for the current directory)

mat -b.
You can view the help in the following command

mat -h
You can also use the exittool utility
To view existing metadata

exiftool <file&gt name;
To remove the metadata

exiftool -all= image.jpg
To delete data from all jpg files in the current folder

exiftool -all= *.jpg
Or, of all the files.

exiftool -all= *

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