Encrypted: privacy protection using DNSCrypt

Encrypted: privacy protection using DNSCrypt

Work with confidential information on a computer involves the use of effective security measures to protect your documents. As one of the most convenient ways to improve the overall level of security is to use specialized software, You can rely on DNSCrypt to obtain the desired results.

DNSCrypt — a program that improves the protection and privacy by encrypting DNS traffic between the user and OpenDNS, preventing any attempts to monitor, intercept and DNS MITM attacks.

Why DNSCrypt is so important?

The same way that SSL turns HTTP web traffic into HTTPS encrypted traffic, DNSCrypt turns regular DNS traffic into encrypted DNS traffic that is secure from tracking and MITM attacks. DNSCrypt does not require any changes to domain names and how they work, but simply provides a way to securely encrypt the communication channel between users and private DNS servers in data centers of the vendor.

DNSCrypt has the potential the most effective tool in Internet security along with SSL, significantly improving the security and privacy of Internet users.
DNSCrypt does not use cryptographic libraries and relies on elliptic curve cryptography, in particular the Curve25519 cryptomemetic.

Important: if You are using firewall or any other software to control the network packets, try to enable DNSCrypt over TCP port 443. In this case, most firewalls will assume that you are dealing with HTTPS traffic and ignore the control.

The danger of interception of DNS queries

To connect with the website on the Internet, you must know it IP address. Users, however, easier to remember domain name (string address of the site) than the sequence numbers of the IP address. DNS — distributed system that is able to obtain an IP address by domain name.

When a user enters a website address, the following occurs:

  1. The browser sends a request indicating a domain on a special The DNS server.
  2. The DNS server responds with the required physical IP address.
Attention. Request to the DNS server and its response are transmitted without encryption.

The lack of encryption leads to the fact that:

  • The service provider and the network administrator can see which sites the user visits.
  • An attacker could spoof a DNS response and redirect the user to malicious page. For example, instead of Bank, the user may be on a fraudulent resource that steals passwords.

Install DNSCrypt

1. Download and install dnscrypt-proxy for your architecture.
2. Make a copy of example-dnscrypt-proxy.toml.
3. Adjust according to your requirements.
4. Run the application dnscrypt-proxy in the Windows command prompt in administrator mode of the system.
5. Change your DNS settings for the configured IP address.
6. Configure DNS to
7. Double-click the service file-install.bat to install the service startup.

You can check information about the DNS using the service http://dnsleak.com. If you see service of your Internet provider, then there is a leak DNS.


In General, DNSCrypt is a useful application that allows you to encrypt DNS traffic to prevent security breaches and unauthorized access to personal data. The program comes with an attractive, intuitive interface and user-friendly configuration menu.

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