Europol has provided more than one hundred free file decryption utilities

Europol has provided more than one hundred free file decryption utilities

Europol has launched a website that not only identifies the software used by extortionists, but also provides over a hundred decryptors.

According to the Europol Center for Combating Cybercrime (EC3), extortion software is currently one of the major cyber threats in the world. Operators of extortion software constantly find new vectors for their attacks and now behave much more aggressively than before. For example, cybercriminals not only encrypt the files of their victims, but also steal and publish their confidential information. That’s why Europol has launched a new project called No More Ransom, designed to help victims of extortion software recover their data without paying a ransom.

The project launched site, which not only identifies which extortion software was used by attackers, but also provides over a hundred free descriptor utilities received by Europol from more than 150 partners from law enforcement, academic organizations and IS companies around the world. The arsenal of utilities is constantly growing as new families of extortionists and decryptors for them emerge.

In order to obtain a decryptor, a victim of extortion software must first fill out a special form on the website that will allow them to determine which program was used by cybercriminals. If the decryptor for the software is available on the site, the user will immediately be provided with a link to download it.

“The general recommendation is not to pay the ransom. By sending money to cybercriminals, you confirm that the extortionist Trojans are doing their job, and there is no guarantee that in return you will get the key you need to decrypt the data”, – advises Europol.



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