Extract and create device boot animation

Until the tablets learned how to turn on in a couple of seconds. The download process starts with a screen saver with Google inscription, which is not so easy to change, but the further animation can be changed. Almost every digital device has a download animation. It is displayed when the device is switched on. For Android firmware, the animation has the manufacturer’s logo or the firmware itself.

For example, Xiaomi smartphones have the “MIUI” logo, and Google Pixel devices have the “G” logo. Almost all Android firmware has animation on the path “/system/media/bootanimation.zip”. With the help of guides, you can extract it. You may need root rights.

But in our case, we could access the folder without them:.

1. Install Solid Explorer (//play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=pl.solidexplorer).
2. Go to the application settings.
3. activate the “Show root storage” function.
4. Go to “Root” section.
5. Open “/system/media”.
6. Copy the “bootanimation.zip” file to the device memory.

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File “bootanimation.zip” – archive, which consists of individual frames of the download animation. It can contain several “part*” folders, also there is “desc.txt” file, where animation settings, speed and frame rate are specified.

Create bootanimation from video file.
1. Use the Free Studio software to frame video into jpg [Convert -> Free Video to JPEG Converter]. CAUTION The maximum number of frames should not exceed 500, otherwise you can achieve cyclic rebuttal.
2. Rename the slides to serial numbers (digits).
3. Use the standard viewer to flip slides by 90 degrees.
4. create a folder, for example, anim. And throw the slides there.

Since the time of turning on the tablet in many different ways, you need to create a cyclic animation at the end. You can do with one static picture. To do this, create another folder, such as stat, and throw the slides there.

5. Create a text file desc.txt
6. We’re adding a config of this kind:

1280 800 30
p 0 1 ani
p 1 0 stat

1280 800 – stretch slides to the specified resolution, i.e. slides can have any resolution less or = this.
30 – number of frames per second. The more, the shorter the video is coming. It doesn’t matter for the smoothness of the animation, the number of frames is responsible for smoother, the more slide transitions the smoother.
p 0 1 ani – means that slides from the ani folder will be played once without delay.
p 1 0 stat – slides from the stat folder will be played cyclically, with a delay until the device is fully loaded.

IMPORTANT when adding an config, click enter after each line.

7. Pack the config and folders in a zip archive WITHOUT SHIP.
8. Rename it to bootanimation.zip.



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