“Feature” Vkontakte

“Feature” Vkontakte

When the first session you wrote a stranger, who sure in what area you are in the moment is pleasant enough. Immediately activated the paranoia, and the brain begins to look for possible ways to explain it. My location, he told VK. Let’s see how.



Geolocation for any reason were included for application, but as it flowed, remained a mystery. Know where in the VC you can see the geolocation of a person? In the photos, right. Here only photos in this area I do, and generally forbidden to put labels smartphone.

Other options? What have I done that I got burned? As it turned out I just went to the section “Add friend”to see who I recommend. Mobile app for Android and IOS by navigating to “Friends”“Add friend” is disclosure of the approximate geolocation of the user through the service “Find near me”.

“Find near me” should give away your location and show your approximate location, this is its essence. Previously, in order to make this happen and your page appeared in the “Find near me”, it was necessary to press the appropriate button. That is to go to the section where it was written that your geolocation is heard. In the new version of this NOT required.

Thus any user that did not limit access to the location of the application and included in section “Friends”“Add friend”regardless of their own desires, shows your geolocation to other users. And he himself is not visible, no dialogs, alerts, and this leads him astray.

Again, the user did not go to the level below “Find near me”and the feature is already activated itself. About this user are not notified, and he himself never sees.

Tested on IOS and Android on two different accounts. Do you want to repeat?

  1. You only need 2 phones and enabled for the application VC geolocation
  2. On one phone go to “Friends”“Add friend”
  3. On the other in “Find near me”
  4. PROFIT! You can see from “Find near me” the account of the second telephone, the user did not think to show your location


Thanks to this feature:

  • The user planned to use the function “Find near me” anything to not do that, but there see
  • The user reported that using the tab “Add friends” he agrees to display itself in “Find near me”it is hidden
  • Possible to disable only “Find near me” no, you will have to completely disable geolocation in the app

As it should be? It’s not a bug, but a feature? This should then tell the users. Many do not wish to app when using external features to discreetly divulge information about their location. So geolocation, the application is still disabled, just in case.

Source: habr.com

ORIGINAL PAGE – https://vk.com/@rucorenet-osobennost-vkontakte


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