Finding photos in VK by geolocation

Social network Vk has time to monitor all the events that happen in the world. How? Of course, thanks to us — simple users, who publish photos from around the globe. On VK.COM an ocean of diverse information. But looking for something specific can be difficult. At each corner of reposts of funny pictures, selfies, advertising delivery, sushi, Raffles and other spam.

But there are simple, but unobvious techniques of search, which will help to resist evil. Because you are not the only person who is familiar with this option, next to your photos can easily be photo of other people, which is not difficult to see based on location.

When you publish the photo, VC automatically detects the geolocation of where the photo was taken. Using this method we can obtain a list of photos taken in a certain place.



1. Find out the coordinates of the place using Google Maps.
2. Go to and there looking for “Sample request”
3. Fill all the required fields in the query:
lat and long — latitude and longitude
start_time — time in unixtime format, not earlier which was supposed to be uploaded found photos.
end_time — the time, in unixtime format, not later, which was to be loaded was found photos.
sort — sort the results. 1 — the number of “likes”; 0 — by date photos.
count — the number of photos returned.
radius — search radius in meters.

In response, we will get a XML list of photos. For each photo will be available information such as:
owner_id — the user ID VK;
lat and long — the exact coordinates of the photo;

Also attached are links to photos in different sizes.

If you still don’t understand why this option, think about it – how it can help you to find new friends how to view beauty and landscapes of those places where you’re just going to go on vacation… See, not so pointless to seek other people’s photos according to their geographical!


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