Flameshot – screenshoter

Flameshot – screenshoter

flameshot  is  a  screenshot tool that aims to be powerful yet simple-to-use.  Its notable
       features include customizable appearance,  in-app  screenshot  editing,  D-Bus  interface,
       experimental  GNOME/KDE  Wayland  support, integration with Imgur and support for both GUI
       and CLI interface.

It works on many Linux distros such as Ubuntu, Fedora, CentOS, Linux Mint, Debian GNU/Linux, Bodhi Linux, Gentoo, Mandriva, Mageia, OpenSUSE, PCLinuxOS, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Slackware and more.

Key features that stand flameshot from the other programs are possibility to highlight elements and add text to just created screenshot with no need to save and open it in image editor. These features were implemented in the sixth edition of the program and therefore the choice of this particular version seems most relevant to use.

Flameshot is a powerful and easy to use screen capture software. Project Github – toot.




    • Customizable appearance.
    • Easy to use.
    • Version for app screenshot.
    • Interface DBus.
    • Download to Imgur.

ApplicationRunning flameshotwithout parameters will start a running instance of the program in the background without any action. If your desktop environment has an area in the taskbar, you will also see an icon in the taskbar that allows users to configure and manage.

Examples of commands:

    • GUI Capture:
flameshot gui
    • Graphic User Interface Capture with Customizable Save:
flameshot gui -p ~/myStuff/captures
  • Capture with GUI after 2 seconds delay (can be useful to create screen shots of tooltips when you hover the mouse, etc.). E.):
flameshot gui -d 2000
    • Full-screen capture with customizable save (no GUI) and delayed:
flameshot full -p ~/myStuff/captures
    • Full-screen capture with custom copy of the save path to the clipboard:
flameshot full -c -p ~/myStuff/captures
    • Grab the screen where the mouse is located and print the image(s) in PNG:


flameshot screen -r
    • Grab screen number 1 and copy it to clipboard:
flameshot screen -n 1 -c

If in doubt, select the first or second command as a shortcut in your favorite desktop environment.

While Flameshot is running, there will be a taskbar icon on your system tray. Right-click the icon in the tray and you will see several menu items to open the configuration window and the information window. Check the About window to see all available shortcuts in graphical capture mode.

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