Free Internet on the Yota

For a small fee it is possible to distribute to other devices. Or you can go on small cunning and to distribute the Internet for free. By using the method below you will be able to use the Internet with negative balance(or if the package is not connected)and not to waste the existing traffic.

Tetrd will help distribute the Internet from your smartphone to the computer via USB cable. The trick of this method is that it is possible to circumvent the restrictions of the mobile operator on the distribution.

Tetrd consists of two parts: an Android app and server part under Windows, macOS or Linux. IPhone owners are, unfortunately, screwed.

How to customize the distribution of Internet

Install the server part on computer and app on the smartphone. The smartphone in the developer section, enable the USB Debugging.

Run the server part on the computer and connect the smartphone to the computer via USB. Then run Tetrd on your smartphone. Allow the app to connect via USB and activate VPN. Then press the Connect button and select desired operation mode.

Tethering allows you to share an Internet connection from mobile device to other devices. For example, a computer or tablet. This mode can be used if the mobile operator prohibits the tethering completely, asking for this additional fee, or imposes other restrictions.

Reverse Tethering accordingly distributes computer Internet on the smartphone. Cool, if you run out of money, and the Internet on the phone is needed.

This whole setup is complete and the Internet should appear on your computer without any restrictions of the operator or extra charge. In this mode also supports Internet speed up to 200Mbps. There is support for IPV6. The Internet can distribute five devices. And if desired, the network can further customize to fit your needs.

Tetrd works free only the first three days after starting the application. Then you will have to pay from 439 to 699 rubles. The cost depends on the mode of distribution network. One-time fee. So, if you want to save on paying tethering the operator, it is possible to spare a time to bring the developer to 700 rubles.

There are two ways of bypass of restrictions

1) For the lazy

Install the application from Play Store. Download this file click on it will open the installed app(give all permissions and click OK on the pop-up window). Press start and enjoy.

2) For hatskerov

Install the application from Play Store. Run and do everything as shown in the screenshots below:

How to distribute an Internet?

Installed on the smartphone app VPN Hotspot. Everything in it is intuitive and easy.

Attention!: we are not calling the user to action. All information is provided for educational purposes only. Detailed disclaimer posted at the bottom of the article in the frame.

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