Get a licensed Photoshop and Lightroom absolutely free

One of the common questions you hear from people who are just beginning their journey in photography, is “What program should I use to edit photos?”. There are many options such as iPhoto, Picasa, GIMP, and other commercial software like AfterShot Pro and Pixelmator, but the most popular are Photoshop and Lightroom.

Photoshop and Ligtroom

According to the developer, Photoshop is a comprehensive program for image editing that allows you to do everything. Yes, that’s all, without any restrictions — just search for tools in the standard set or from third-party developers. Limitations are only the limitations of the image itself.



Much harder Lightroom (incidentally, full nazvaniya Photoshop Lightroom — reflecting its secondary importance) — it was originally conceived as a streaming tool, a professional photographer, and these same professionals were brought to mind. As a result, it wasn’t stripped down to the basic version features (this too, is called Photoshop Elements), but a completely separate package, in fact, which is a Converter of RAW on funkcionalu corresponding to the module of Camera RAW, just the tools are in a different order, which, once accustomed, you begin to be treated as native.

Free Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom

In General, everything is simple. Just need Adobe to prove their seriousness. During the entire calendar year, download 300 works on Adobe Stockor sell photos worth 500$and that is all! Year of free photoshop and laytrum your.

Of course you have sent to drain photos must meet quality standards, to have at least minimal artistic or commercial value and also be attributed.

After you have increased a portfolio of 300 photos, you write a letter in support, and you send an electronic key, which activates a package for a year.

Photoshop and Lightroom are not in vain are popular with photographers. Both programs provide ample opportunity for photo processing. The difference is that lythrum in many respects easier and more comfortable with the workflow, but photoshop is more powerful and more flexible.

In both the photo editor has all the basic tools for post processing images. In Lightroom, easier to apply, and Photoshop in more ways jewelry photos, embodying all the most original ideas.

Where to download?

To do this, go to directory of the Creative Cloud apps.

So what is Creative Cloud? Creative Cloud — this is not the version of the programs, and the subscription model of Adobe, which offers users a new way to purchase software and gain access to all updates faster than ever.

Thanks to a very affordable subscription rates from the average user has a chance to become a law-abiding citizen and to work with licensed software.

Adobe Photoshop is paid, but you can initially download the free version in order to read it.

In the directory we choose “Photoshop” and click on the link “Download trial version”.
After you click on the link, you will automatically begin downloading the installation program file. The default file will be downloaded to the folder Downloadsif you have not changed your browser settings.

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