Google opened all the innovations in Android 11

Google opened all the innovations in Android 11

Google opened all the innovations in Android 11, image No. 1

Google announced the beta release of Android 11, and also talked about what’s new will appear on the smartphone with this update. First of all, this update will be available the Google Pixel, and then will appear on other devices.

Google Meet is available to all users and supports video conferencing with a large number of participants. Users of the Google Duo can add to the video masks, and effects, and in family mode have the opportunity to draw during video calls.

To read messages, reply to and manage conversations from any instant messenger easier — in Android 11 conversations from instant messengers are transferred to a special section of the notification. Not to miss an important message, you can mark the conversation as a priority. Messages from that conversation will appear on the screen with the function of Always On.

Google opened all the innovations in Android 11, image No. 2

In Android 11 will feature pop-up chat, using which you can respond to important messages without having to switch between the current task and application messenger. You can open a pop-up chat on the notification bar and to multitask,

In the Gboard keyboard with secure artificial intelligence technology can automatically get hints with text and Emoji. This capability is based on machine learning and does not transmit data outside the device.

In Android 11 you can configure fast access for smart devices and control them with your phone or tablet — just press and hold the power button. To adjust the temperature, turn on the lights and unlocked the front door is now possible with a single touch without opening multiple applications.

Widgets control device appear along with other elements that are always at hand: a Bank card or perhaps travel. Android 11 is also available to record screen and a new menu to send files from the device.

In Android 11 added new media controls, allowing you to select the device for audio or video. Now you can easily switch between headphones, speakers and a TV.

In Android 11 privacy and security have become more detailed. You can now configure single apps to access the microphone, camera or location information, and the next time the application will need this access, it will request it again.

If you’re a long time did not use any application, all associated permissions are automatically reset. You will receive a notification and can open the application and then grant him the necessary permissions.

Many of these features are in beta Android 11, which will be available for various smartphones in the coming weeks.


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