Google will ban apps to spy on partners

Google will ban apps to spy on partners

Google will ban the advertising of applications and devices that allow you to monitor the activity of the phone or move another person.

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The ban will come into force on 11 August. We are talking about apps that you can use to monitor text messages, phone calls, or browsing history in the browser; GPS trackers that track the location without the user’s consent. Also the restriction will apply to the surveillance equipment — cameras, recording devices, DVRs, “baby Cams”. In Google point out that the ban will not affect the services of private detectives and goods which do use parents to observe the children.

For violation of the rules, the accounts will get warnings for a week before a possible lock to remove the unwanted product.

Such applications are already banned in Google Play and Apple Store, however some of them can still be downloaded directly from the sites. In addition, applications for surveillance are also to be found in the stores themselves.

At words specialists of “Kaspersky Lab” from the point of view of functionality and classic stalkerware spyware are virtually indistinguishable between each other. However, security solutions have never stalkerware detects as malware.

During 2018 the specialists of Kaspersky lab. found 58 487 devices infected stalkerware – a very low figure compared to other malicious programs (for example, for an extortionate was infected IN 187 321 device). However, it is understood that other threats users can protect themselves by using security solutions, but before the “FOR hunting” they are completely defenseless.



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