GPT-3 is an artificial intelligence that can destroy humanity.

GPT-3 is an artificial intelligence that can destroy humanity.

Moreover, the more input data you give to the system and the more attempts it has, the more convincing the text can be. For example, if you give her the beginning of a famous poem in the style of one author, she will be able continue it in the style of another.

GPT-3 is the latest and largest AI language model for OpenAI. Earlier this week, Liam Porr, an MIT college student, used an AI model to create a completely fake blog under an assumed name.

After all this, the student issued a confession that the entire blog was completely generated by AI, with absolutely no human intervention. He also suggests that GPT-3 could completely replace content producers. And in many ways it surpasses them.

This is all a bit creepy.

Troll factories around the world will take artificial intelligence to a whole new level. Manipulation of public opinion among marketing corporations can reach its climax and drastically break society. Numerous public pages and channels will be able to generate in seconds and inspire people with what the AI ​​wants, in addition to doing it better than any person on earth.

OpenAI (, the creators of GPT-3, also fear this. That is why their project is completely closed and is distributed only through the API. Access to the GPT-3 API is by invitation only. At the moment, OpenAI reports that the GPT-3 API has only about a dozen users.

As the scientists noted, the main task remained unresolved. Machines still cannot draw logical conclusions from text and deduce one from the other, like humans. In this sense, GPT-3 is not too superior, for example, “neuro-comments”, which could also continue the phrase for users. Sometimes it was lucky and it turned out funny, but more often it was absurd and inappropriate: you could click to the normal version for a long time.

It is difficult to say how far the implementation of the system will go, but it can be used in almost any activity: from teaching languages ​​and programming to simplifying the daily routine. For example, it is easy to imagine that in a year it will be enough to “feed” this material to some bot based on GPT-3 and get ten headings in response better than the current one in a split second – you just have to choose the most suitable one.

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