Hacking Instagram with the help of a brute platform

Hacking Instagram with the help of a brute platform

You want to access your girlfriend’s account and find out what’s going on? If so, this article will help you. The method is designed for more or less technically skilled users. However, if you follow the steps described below, you will get the desired result.

Broot-heavy requirements

You’ll need Kali Linux, the hacker operating system for your computer. You can download Kali Linux here and install it in less than an hour.

How does the brute force method work?

Cracking account installations with the help of a brute force platform means that the program will automatically search various combinations of passwords for a certain user name. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t. But in any case it takes a long time, so you should be patient if you want to get a result.

Plus: It’s very easy, many newbies can start with this.

Minus: This is a Brutford attack, there is always a chance of failure.

Step 1

Download this program https://github.com/Ethical-H4CK3R/Instagram.git from the git repository to your computer. As shown in the screenshot below.

Next, you need to unpack the file, for this open the terminal window and write the following command: chmod -R 755 Instagram && cd InstagramK

Step 2

We’re running the program. In order to open the program, write the command ls to see what is inside the folder.

Then launch Instagram.py by typing the command in the terminal python Instagram.py. You will receive an error message. It happened because we did not provide the program with a text file. Since this program uses a brute force method to crack Instagram, we need to provide a dictionary for the program to use it.

Step 3

We get a text file. To do this, google “daniel miessler passwords github” and choose the first result. Just like in the screenshot below.

In order to save the file, copy the passwords to the text editor and save with .txt resolution to the Instagram folder, which should be in the home directory.

Step 4

Time to hack into Instagram account. Open the terminal and write the following command: cd Instagram. In the corresponding folder write the command ls to make sure that the text file is in the right folder. To execute the program write: Python Instagram.py Username Thetextfile.txt.

From now on, the brute force attack has begun. The terminal will display the attempt number and the current trial password. Remember, you need to be patient to get a positive result.

If you get errors such as Core.tor, import TorManager, then install mechanize with: pip install mechanize, install Tor with: sudo apt-get install tor.


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