Hacking Wi-Fi for newbies

Hacking Wi-Fi for newbies

This utility is called Airgeddon, we will start with the installation as usual. The program always tells you what to do and how to do better.

I am installing it on Kali Linux 2017.3:

git clone https://github.com/v1s1t0r1sh3r3/airgeddon.git

cd airgeddon

bash airgeddon.sh

So the program welcomes us:

Further probably we will begin with the most pleasant, the program has the Russian language, so let’s choose at once in naystroyki Russian language.

In the main menu we choose 11. Options and language menu further 1. Change language 6. Russian and return to the settings menu, where press 5 to make the current language permanent.

As a result, we have this functionality and on this background we will consider several hacking options with you:

Functionality is good for me. So, Bratica, where do we start?

I’m gonna describe a couple of punkies I use most of the time.

The first thing to do is to use the “WPS Attack Menu” feature.

First we need to switch the interface to monitor mode, for this press 2.

Next, we need to select a target for the attack (we will search through the routers that have WPS enabled), to do this click 4 after the scan, click Ctrl + C.

After that we need to execute an attack on Pixie Dust. I advise you to choose “reaver” for me, it works better.

We set up Time Out and run… If the attack is successful, you will know the WPS Pin. The Pixie Dust attack will take you seconds.

So we move on with the WPS Pin, we go to “6. User PIN Associations” and enter our WPS Pin there. And we get the password from WiFi.

There is another attack worth our attention, it’s “10. PIN brute force attack.” In case we suspect that the password will be very complex (for example: [email protected]@[email protected]), the search of the PIN is faster. If the search is successful, stick the picked up pin in “6. User PIN Associations” again and get the password.

Next menu is “7. Evil Double attack menu”. Very good for attacking such unknowing users, all like you love Brother with a slice of Social Engineering.

It has many functions, but we will only consider “9. Evil Doppelganger TD attack with interceptor portal”.

Description of Function: A fake AP with the same name as the victim is created, at the same time there is a DoS AP that prevents clients from connecting to it and attempts to solve the problem by connecting to your phishing AP where they are met by a page asking for a password under the pretext of updating the router drivers.

First, select the monitor mode and press “9”, after scanning the targets, where you can select the attacker (again, I advise you to select the router where the signal is good).

Choose the target, you are offered a choice of what will happen DoS, I choose “2. Deauthentication attack aireplay”.

This is followed by a series of questions, which you can well answer yourself.

After that a lot of terminals will open, and it will look a little epic.

After you get the password, it will be written in the upper right corner and also saved in a .tht file in the root folder.

What should I do after gaining access to the network in case the password changes?

    1. Login to the router admin ( under admin/admin


  1. Disable logging, if available.
  2. Turn on WPS (if off) and write yourself a WPS Pin.
  3. Bring the admin out, under any other port.


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