Hidden camera functions of the smartphone 🤳

Hidden camera functions of the smartphone 🤳

Timer, slow-mo, HDR — all these buttons are looming before my eyes when doing photo or video. Did you know that the camera on Android and iPhone have hidden features? And they are not always implemented by the company that produced the device — sometimes the smart reveal potential third-party programmers.

What is hiding from our eyes the developers in the bowels of the settings? Let’s see and, of course, powodem!

Hidden camera features of the smartphone 🤳, image # 1

Useful applications for camera 🤳

If you have a few free megabytes, you can upgrade your smartphone camera with the Apple Store or Google Play.

1️⃣ Urgently need to learn the parameters of the bumper for sale, and tools at hand? In iOS 12 added the so-called “Roulette.” This is a standard IPhone app, but if you haven’t found it — go to Apple Store and download it for free from the section “Utilities”. If you are the owner of Android, the equivalent of a Google “Measure” with which you can even capture the measurements.

Hidden camera features of the smartphone 🤳, image # 2

2️⃣, 3️⃣ Sit on the practice in English or calculus, and not write off anyone? Stick to your guns and download Google Translate for the future and Parents. The first will be useful for the translation of the text, but without the second hard to do when solving integrals. Both applications recognize the task via a smartphone camera. By the way, in everyday life, too save!

Hidden camera features of the smartphone 🤳, image No. 3

4️⃣ Developers gash budget camera video surveillance called Manything for your smartphone or tablet. The app captures movement in the room and sends notifications to your second tethered device. Also you can always see what is going on at your house while you are working or having fun with the Bros.

Hidden camera features of the smartphone 🤳, image No. 4

🔥 Built-in functions

Too lazy to clutter the phone apps? Not a problem — even a “clean” smart may surprise you a couple of useful chips for shooting!

Remember, focus on strength. Took a picture, but the object turned out to be smeared? Next time before “click”, click on the person or car in the frame and hold your finger until the “exposure lock/focus”.

To make perfectly smooth the surface, go to camera settings and tick the item “Grid”. It is strange that the developers of Android and iOS put him so far — a very useful thing for shooting things on the table! By the way, the rectangles, dividing the screen into nine equal parts, can help you in mastering composition.

Hidden camera features of the smartphone 🤳, image # 5

Continuous shooting? Easily! In Photo mode hold down the camera button, and the cherished bundle of frames will be waiting for you in the “Gallery”.

Hidden camera features of the smartphone 🤳, image # 6

It turns out that to scan a QR code, nothing to download — everything is already there in your smartphone! Just open the camera and put smart to the barcode. After that, the screen will be instantly encrypted information that, when pressed, will open in the mobile browser.

Hidden camera features of the smartphone 🤳, image No. 7

The rest of the jokes like thermal imager involve the purchase of special devices, therefore I do not consider.

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