How anonymous your smartphone?

How anonymous your smartphone?

In recent years the attitude toward privacy has become much more serious. Storing personal information on servers has become the norm; the world is filled with mobile devices with GPS receivers and GSM modules are able to tell almost everything about their owners; Edward Snowden has shown how we are not protected from surveillance; governments are increasingly invade our privacy and control our every word.

You use “anonymous” cell phone, and real is close by and included. Investigators are requesting the logs of all the honeycomb, which works (worked) “anonymous” device. That’s all they’ll need to you to calculate (and not just “hot pursuit” but in a week, a month, slowly, in the chair of his office with a Cup of coffee). Doing a recursive sampling intervals on and look who else was in the cell, except the “anonymous” of the device.

Often fails with logs three to four inclusions to find the exact pair of phones that do not leave the cell. Less inclusions requires more: in this case, you can try to break the story by numbers of sets of matches, as well as their owners. If grandma is 90 years old, of which her room for 10 years and an apartment she left 5 years, it clearly is no longer an option.

Thus, the investigators fairly quickly go into your real phone number, one call history which will reveal all the cards. Often intelligence agencies are lucky and the second turn-on: quickly learn and put to rest hundreds of rooms — it is only in the number of employees.

Sometimes even that on the real number out of the first and only on “anonymous”! Don’t believe? And for good reason.

1. The base station

The base station… This thing will not let you play the hacker.

How anonymous your smartphone?, image # 1

The base station in the radio communications in a system complex transceiver equipment, for centralized maintenance group terminal subscriber devices.

The principle of operation is that the cellular phone (or cellular module) knows which base station transceiver it is serviced and having a database of coordinates of transmitters of the base station can roughly determine his location.

How anonymous your smartphone?, image # 2

After these words someone is going to say “And Shaw? I’m a hacker! I’m not afraid”. Well I will answer that this baby can store all your messages, just all fucking!

But now some clever people will say “Well, I’ll take some phone, change map, and all will be good”, but no!

Your phone has a unique IMEI.

IMEI is a number, usually unique, to identify GSM phones, WCDMA, and IDEN and some satellite phones. Has 15 digits in the decimal representation, where the last digit is check the luhn algorithm, or 17, where two figures — a version.

So a simple change of SIM cards will not help you in any way

2. ACCORDING to SIM cards

How anonymous your smartphone?, image # 3

Well, I think then I have nothing to say, just have a SIM card, which is always soft from the operator, such as: MTS, Beeline, etc. this does not get rid of, and you have to live somehow, can’t run from this.


If you remember, there was a movie, “johnny mnemonic” with Keanu Reeves in the title role, depicting the people with the implants, which could carry important sensitive information. For such people has never been something that security services, and just everything that everyone wanted that piece of information that was stored in the implant mnemonics. They tore it apart and cut the line, killed, only to learn secret information. Tale. Absurd. But somehow already so familiar.

In General, take care of yourself and your personal data. Today, it is becoming increasingly difficult.



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