How do I bypass the restriction on Internet distribution from my smartphone?

How do I bypass the restriction on Internet distribution from my smartphone?

Today almost every adult or even teenager has a smartphone with internet access. Every year the volume of traffic is only growing and people often connect themselves to tariffs with unlimited Internet. However, almost all such tariffs have a restriction on the distribution of the Internet. Roughly speaking, use it yourself, and you can not give out the Internet to any other device.

Today we are going to talk about how to get around this very limitation and give away the Internet, for example on a laptop.

But first, a little theory. How does the operator determine that you are giving away the Internet?

Operators will find out about it using the TTL (Time to Live) indicator. The smartphone sets its TTL, and each packet of traffic as it passes through the router is reduced by one. This is recognized and thus the traffic becomes unreadable until the restriction is removed by the operator or a special utility.

But you can bypass this restriction yourself by simply changing the TTL number on one of the devices. To change the TTL on a smartphone, you need to have Root rights. However, not everyone has them, and not everyone knows what they give at all. We will go the easy way and change the TTL on the computer itself.

So, what we need to do.

1) First we need to open the registry editor. For this purpose we press a key combination Win+R. In the appeared window we write down


2) Next you need to follow the following path:


Just click on the desired folder and all its parameters will be displayed on the right.

3) In the window to the right – right click – click “Create” – New parameter DWORD (32 bits) – and call it “DefaultTTL”.

4) Now right click on the newly created parameter, select “Change”. On the system of computation put the point “Decimal”, in the field “Value” put 65. The final result will look like this:

1 of 2

There’s a few pictures, flip the button on the right.

Press OK, then restart the PC DELIVERY.

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