How do I know if your phone is tapped?

How do I know if your phone is tapped?

There are special spyware programs that are installed on mobile phones and allow other people, such as a competitor or a jealous spouse, to follow you. Parents who want to take full control of their child can also use such programs.

Spyware installed on mobile phones can record phone conversations and intercept SMS messages and then send them to the right address. It can also copy numbers from a contact list, transfer phone location data, and even allow another person to hear everything that is going on around them. In this way, it turns your phone into a bug.

Your corporate phone can be equipped with a battery with a special chip that also allows you to listen in on conversations and transfer data.

How do I know if my phone has a spyware installed?

Usually such software does not show up in any way, it is quite difficult to detect. But there are certain signs that may indicate it is present.


1. The phone goes down very quickly.

A sign that a spyware is installed on your mobile phone may indicate that the battery is discharging too quickly. If the phone battery is constantly hot, this is not a good sign either. Of course, the problem may be with the phone itself, especially if it is over a year old. However, you should check it for spyware.

2. It’s strange how the phone works:

You should also be concerned about the delay when you turn off your phone, spontaneous reboot and backlighting.

3. Strange sounds in the handset:

If the phone is tapped, you may hear various extraneous noises, noises and even other people’s voices while you are talking to another caller.

4. Interference:

You may also be concerned that the phone lying next to the audio speakers may cause interference when you are not using it. This can mean that the spyware has contacted the other phone and is sending data to it without your knowledge.

5. The connection to the subscriber takes a long time:

If you start to notice that when you call someone, the connection to the subscriber is established for a long time, and only when the disconnection begins to last longer, it can also be a sign of eavesdropping. This is because the spyware takes some time to “squeeze” into the conversation.

In this situation, it is best to show the phone to a specialist.

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