How do I share your Mac screen with another Mac device?

How do I share your Mac screen with another Mac device?

Sharing your screen is useful when you need help with a computer problem. If you also have remote access to other Mac computers in your home, you can control everything from one device.

First, set up your Mac for remote access by following these steps:

1. Go to System Settings > Sharing.
2. In the box to the left, find “Share screen,” and then select the check box next to it.
3. Write down the computer name, host name and VNC address (e.g. vnc: //
4. Then click “Computer Settings” > “Enable both settings”, and then set a secure password.

Accessing the shared screen

1. Launch Finder, scroll the side panel until you see Location (click Show if necessary).
2. Find the computer you want to access (you may have to click on “Network” to see it).
3. Click (or double-click) the computer, click “Share Screen” and wait for it to connect.
4. Start the Finder and then click “Jump” > “Connect to server” in the menu bar.
5. Enter the VNC address or hostname you marked earlier and then click “Connect”.

You can now access your Mac from another computer on your local network.


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