How do I take a screenshot of the timer using Windows?

How do I take a screenshot of the timer using Windows?

How do I take a screenshot of the timer using Windows?

Modern technologies are advancing by leaps and bounds. Today, directly from your desktop computer or mobile device, you can order goods from anywhere in the country or pay utility bills. But there are situations when, in order to save important data, you need to take a screenshot on your computer, and even after a certain period of time.

Let’s first define what is it is a screenshot… Well, in general, this is a screenshot, i.e. image of everything that the user sees on his monitor. In a particular case, you can take a screenshot not of the entire viewing area, but only of the active application window or, in general, any separate area.

User Windows it is not entirely clear whether its effect (numerous knocking on the Print Screen key) any consequences. Did you manage to make a screenshot or not? It turns out that the next step after this should be to transfer the contents of the clipboard to some program that could allow you to slightly correct the captured screenshot, well, and most importantly – keep it to the file.

But why didn’t the Windows developers provide for the ability to automatically open the system’s default graphics program after the user took a photo by pressing the keys mentioned? This would be logical and would not raise many questions for beginners.

In some versions of Windows, you can find a function such as “Scissors“. The tool is primitive, but it helps to quickly create screenshots for ordinary users. If you need more professional and beautiful screenshots, we recommend downloading a special program for this.

Let’s get down to business:

1. Open the menu “Start«.
2. We write “Scissors«.
3. In the window, select the delay for the screenshot.
4. Click “Create a«.
5. Select the area you want to capture.
6. Save as JPEG or PNG file.

In the window that opens, there is a timer from 0 to 5 seconds. And also the selection of the selection shape on: “arbitrary shape«, «rectangle«, «window“And”whole screen«.

When the screenshot is ready, the program will open it in a new window. Here you can put your own notes on the image and send it by mail or simply save it to your hard drive.

Important! The choice of the method for creating a screenshot directly depends on the type of your activity. It is better to create screenshots “for yourself” with the help of OS tools, screenshots for reviews and blogs are better done using professional programs.

Instead of output

A photo of the screen (screenshot) will help out when you need to send correspondence, a report on a financial transaction, and remotely fix system errors. Any operating system allows you to make, retouch and send a screen using a keyboard shortcut or pre-installed classic utilities. For these purposes, there are also third-party applications with a convenient interface and advanced editing functions.


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