How do I view a Wi-Fi password in Windows 10?

Hi! Now we will try to solve one interesting problem, this is the recovery of a forgotten password in Windows 10 that you have probably already forgotten. You probably don’t remember it because it was saved on your device and you didn’t use it for a while. This is a situation that happens quite often. You can view your WiFi password on the configuration page of your router. But it is likely that you may not have access to your router settings.


A way that’s likely to be sufficient for most users is to simply view the properties of the Wi-Fi network in Windows 10, where you can also view the password. First of all, to use this method, the computer must be connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi (see the password for inactive connection will not work this way).

How to view saved Wi Fi passwords in Windows 10

1. Right-click on the connection checkbox in the notification area. Then open the tab “Network and Sharing Center“. On the left side find the sub-item “Change adapter parameters“.


2. Right-click on “Wireless connection” and then click on “State“. In the new window with Wi-Fi data find “Wireless Properties“.


3. Final action: go to the tab “Security”, in the field “Network security key” check the box “Display Entries” to open the password.


What you see in the “Network Security Key” field is the password that your computer uses to connect to your Wi-Fi network. Now that you remember it, you can share it with anyone. This method will only work if your laptop is currently connected to a Wi-Fi network from which you have forgotten your password. If you don’t have any computers left connected, you can see your password in the router’s settings.



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