How does steam or moisture get inside the phone’s camera

How does steam or moisture get inside the phone’s camera

The most common situation where water seeps into a mobile phone body is complete immersion. The phone accidentally fell into the water.

When our device enters a water tank, puddle, toilet, etc. We can simply not guess with the weather and get into the pouring rain during the walk. And that will be enough to leave moisture inside the case.

So what do we do then?

To the phone camera from the inside there is moisture

As soon as we start to use products to dry the mobile, the water from the liquid state will turn into steam.

And then you already know it will settle on the surfaces on the inside. Including the camera glass. When traveling to tropical regions, also do not be surprised by the pair inside your smartphone. After all, the air there is more saturated with moisture than in central Europe. If your body has the property of intense sweating, the mobile device, being in the inner pocket of the jacket, too, will receive a significant dose of moisture through body vapor.

There are many cases like this and they are all different. You need to pay a little more attention to your device so that it does not get into such situations. And you won’t have a problem with it in the future.

What to do if you mist up the phone camera from the inside”>
There are different cases of camera misting. If it is not too much and it is located at the edges of the lens, try taking a picture. If the image is clear without blurring or other defects, you may not have to worry about your device.

Clear image from phone camera

The misting from the inside will pass by itself in time, but not soon. Because it’s a fairly natural and therefore safe way to get rid of moisture. Through small holes and small portions it will evaporate.

And in a few days you will be able to notice that there is nothing wrong with the phone camera. But if that doesn’t work for you, you can use a hair dryer. If it’s temperature-controlled, it shouldn’t be too high. In order not to break the adhesives that are used to attach the cover, internal modules and other surfaces in the device.

Leave your smartphone in the sun for a while

Put it on camera to the sun. Be sure to remove the back cover, which may prevent steam from escaping to the outside.

Remove all unnecessary parts on the smartphone body

Release the phone body from parts as much as possible: trays, connected accessories, cases and moree.

Use materials to absorb moisture from the phone’s camera

While many may advise you not to sweat the camera from the inside of your phone yourself, it is too early to give up. After all, at home we have at hand a lot of sorbents – creatures that absorb moisture. They can do it even at a short distance. You will need a container from the size of your phone to put in it about 300 grams of rice, as well as your device. In this condition, it should be left for 24 hours.

Leave the phone in rice to get rid of moisture in the camera

To keep your smartphone from disturbing you, turn it off and leave it alone. You can combine ways to get the best results. Put the phone in the rice paddy in the sun. But do not hold the device outdoors or in direct sunlight for long periods of time.
It could be dangerous for its modules. Some users have managed to avoid misting of the camera on the device in half an hour or an hour. While the phone was lying in the sun with no extra cost.

Self-Dismantling Smartphone if Misting Lens

You can use another more sophisticated method of getting rid of moisture to get closer to the camera module from the inside. That is to disassemble the mobile phone. This method can be used by owners of smartphones, whose cases allow you to remove the lids. Since models with removable covers can only be disassembled with special equipment. Remove the SIM card tray before opening the case. Then remove the battery, under which the screws may be located.

Remove the cover and remove the battery from the case

Next, arm yourself with a small cross screwdriver and unscrew the bolts that hold the body. After dismantling the cover we will reach the camera on the main board. You will most likely not be able to get to the cavity of the camera that is sweating.

Home board camera

Since many of the cameras in the phones are airtight and cannot be disassembled at home. But with a hair dryer, we can get rid of moisture inside the camera much faster and safer.

Use a hair dryer to remove moisture in the camera

We will also be able to disconnect the camera’s loop from the main board so that nothing happens to it while we get rid of steam. You don’t want to leave your phone in the sun when it’s disassembled. It’s better to take a hair dryer and use it.


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