How to access the reset function in Windows 10 and return it to factory condition?

Like any other operating system, Windows 10, sometimes begins to run slower and with more errors than before. Here we will perform reset our OS to factory settingswith which the system supplied to the user by default. It is not only and not so much about the return of the original design, how about the reset of internal parameters that can be changed to various questionable programs and ourselves. In fact in the process of rolling back, there is a complete reinstallation of Windows 10 keeps your personal files, or without it.

In the may update of Windows 10, Microsoft has removed the function full reset of the OS. The company offers users to reset a PC using another function, but the new does not remove installed applications.

If you need to reset the PC without the conservation programs, there is another way:

1. Click PKM the icon “Start“.
2. Select “PowerShell“.
3. Enter the following in the console:
4. Hit “Enter“.
5. A window will appear reset the OS.
6. Follow the instructions from this post.

Also the command can be run on the command line.

How to reset Windows 10 and return it to factory condition?

In Windows 10, there’s a “Reset PC” which restores the factory settings default Windows. It is faster and more convenient than reinstall Windows from scratch.

To restore the factory settings for your computer in Windows 10:

1. Open the app “Settings“.
2. Go to “Update and security“-> “Recovery“.
3. Hit “To start“in the section “To reboot this computer“.
4. Select the reset options. (File saving, complete cleaning of hard drive, etc.)

The option “Reset the PC” comfortable, but if your manufacturer of the factory installed lot of unwanted software, then the reset will not remove these applications.

Is it possible to restore Windows 10?

Resetting Windows 10 is the best way for those who are very important to keep your personal files on the computer. Those who have a problem there, we recommend you to save your documents on removable media (USB flash drive or external hard drive) and then perform a clean installation of the operating system. Installed completely “ten” is likely to run faster and more stable than reset to factory settings.

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