How to break through an anonymous phone and connect to the “owner”

How to break through an anonymous phone and connect to the “owner”

There are a lot of myths and speculations about how to find an anonymous cell phone number. We know the truth and will share it with you now.

There are three common versions: bearing, ie, determine the source of the radio signal, calculated by special equipment on the base stations of the cellular network and calculated through a variety of hidden features, supposedly specially available in each phone.

Generally speaking, the investigation and forensic experts only in the movies use cool special equipment and expensive equipment. In reality, the main tool of the investigator – his head and papers. And the main method – language will not turn to say “deduction” – let’s call it “search for patterns” or “statistics. And there is also such a thing as Time.

Time is always against anonymity: we are doing something too timely, and something is not at all timely. And if there are logs of our cases with time stamps somewhere, we will not hide. And the logs in mobile communication are conducted by each byte. Below is more detailed.

How do they calculate who works with the left-symbol card?
You will not believe it: on the “master” phone – your real one. After carefully reading the next paragraph you will understand how easy, simple and fast it is. The description uses the term “turn on” – this is the moment when the “anonymous” device went online. So, let’s go and look at different situations.



Status First

You use an “anonymous” cell phone, and the real one is near and on. Investigators request logs of the whole cell in which the “anonymous” device works (worked). This is all they need to calculate you (and not only “on the hot trails”, but also in a week, a month, slowly, in the chair of his office for a cup of coffee). They make recursive samples by intervals of inclusion and watch who else was in the sonnet except the “anonymous” device.

For example, in one set there were 1000 more switched on phones. The next time you turn on 500 of those that were the first time. The next time – 20 of those who were in the first and second time. Most often it is possible to find exactly a couple of phones that do not leave the cell from the logs of three or four turns on. Less frequent inclusions require more: in this case, you can try to run the history by the numbers of many coincidences, as well as their owners. If this is Granny 90 years of which her number is 10 years and she has not left the apartment for 5 years, then, obviously, the option disappears.

Thus, the investigators quickly enough go to a real phone number, one story of calls on which will reveal all the cards. Often the special services are also lucky with 2 switches: to quickly study and remove hundreds of numbers – it is only the number of employees. It even happens that the real number is accessed from the first and only “anonymous” connection! Don’t you believe it? Yes, you should. Dynamics in the honeycomb, behavior of other devices, weekdays / holidays may significantly simplify the work of law enforcement officers.


You surf “anonymously” on the Internet and then you get a real phone call. You start talking and the data traffic on the Internet falls by a time statistically different from the average page loads. Match all the calls in the honeycomb with the traffic failure – it takes seconds – and your number is detected. It may be, of course, that you just went to the toilet, but it is not difficult to check whether the desired number “found”. What if you get a call twice?

The offender turned the device on, sent a text message with a ransom demand, turned it off. A day later he turned it on, called to discuss the ransom conditions, turned it off. The third time I turned it on, said the place and time, turned it off. We studied the logs on three “turn on” – who at that moment was in the hundred all three times. There were four numbers left from the second “check” and one from the third.

You use an “anonymous” cell phone, and the present one is prudently turned off in advance. Unbelievable, but you only made it easier for investigators. They will just look who has disconnected – it is disconnected (the phone transmits to the network a signal about disconnection), and not left the network shortly before the “anonymous”. It is safe to say that there will be only a few of them or even you alone. To clarify the data, you can compare who turned on after turning off the “anonymist”. And also to punch in the grandmother and others. As you can see, turning off the real device when using the “left” device only worsens the anonymity.


Second Situation

You leave the real phone at home on, and you go to another cell phone and only there turn on “anonymous”. Do you think it’s a tricky plan? Well, no way. Three factors give out your real phone anyway. First, the same scheme is being worked out as in the first situation, but not one hundred, but several. First, one honeycomb, then the next ones, and so on, until the comparison of an “anonymous” honeycomb with the real one hundredth is made. Second, and in the main: your device at home is without a master and can not answer the phone. Therefore, sooner or later will be missed, which are also visible in the logs.

Do you think that many of the subscribers constantly do not pick up the phone just at the time when you leave anonymously? Yes, no one, except your real phone! Besides the given way well helps in the general search: investigators can very quickly call numbers that remain after comparison of logs of hundreds. And if the phone is not taken – in the suspects. Thirdly, you can’t leave the real device where it got – each time in different places. Most likely, it is at your home. That is, in one place for each turn on.

Situation Three

You turn off the real phone at home, and you go to another cell and only there turn on the “anonymous”. See situation #3 + situation #2.

It turns out that the whole scheme works on making several inclusions from one number. In other words, if you leave the license plate number only once and then throw out the sim and the phone – will it be impossible to find it? This will only help, if your “case” has not been and will not be the same for other similar cases. Changing the numbers will not complicate the task of finding a real phone. For example, in the same example about blackmail: how to change the number will help – after all, the victim of one and the same calls are made.

The investigators will simply run three inclusions of different numbers instead of one number. Similar to the “dark stuff” in the Internet – the numbers are easily combined into a common “case”. Say more – frequent change of numbers only worsen security because the investigators will get a group of numbers and will be able to easily penetrate, for example, where the sims. And cover you red-handed during the purchase of new ones or go to the “seller” who will make a “robot” or salt the number from which you called him. Anonymity is not the lack of data for identification. It simply cannot be the case in today’s world. Anonymity is a good imitation of an ordinary, but not a real person.

What will give the special services a real phone number?

We considered how easy it was for the law enforcement agencies to “get” the real number of a suspect by his “anonymous”. But what will the info about the real phone give? Everything except the information on whom the number is registered.

The investigators will see who you called and there are sure to be many of them who know you personally. They will see who and how you funded your account. Most likely, there are payments from a real card through an ATM or from a real Webmoney wallet, etc. That is, in fact, you have arrived.

How is the direction finding – cell phone?

An operative group with a manual direction finder is put forward to the area where the suspect’s phone is located. This is not a screen with a dot, as shown in the movies, but a simple radio receiver with an arrow that shows the signal strength and the antenna in the form of the letter H, letter L, tricky handset or hyperbolic / parabolic plate (often in the set comes with several antennas for different working conditions). Information about the exact frequency at which the currently sought device is working is available at the base station. Opera adjusts the receiver to this frequency, rotates the antenna around itself and looks at the arrow. Where the signal is strongest, it goes there. It enters the entrance, goes up the stairs and measures the signal. So he finds the right floor, then the apartment and that’s it, “anonymity” is over. In the case we observe the time from the entrance “gazelle” of the opera to the output under the whites of the pen was 25 minutes. Taking into consideration how many of them were spent on the recommendation “open, for we will open in any case”, the charges and withdrawal of the suspect, we can estimate how many of dozens of houses, hundreds of entrances and thousands of apartments have found the right one.

So, what to do? Anonymity is a myth?



Above we have considered in detail that having a real personal cell phone, we will never be anonymous even with a new phone just bought and just bought in the back of a SIM card without design. As we have already said, the available anonymity is a good imitation of an ordinary, but not a real person. And the lack of personality in our modern information realities is simply impossible. After all, here you, a person, sit right here and read this article.

Real hackers, whose freedom, and maybe life depends on anonymity, do not use cell phones in everyday life. In general, they do not. Only one-time calls, skype, etc. And they do not have a “everyday” life. Eternal mist, nothingness. No friends, no family, no habits and no “favorite” places. This is what anonymity is. But, in fact, there is a full-fledged other life on the Web, other friends and other “places”. And, often, not only not worse, but also better than in reality. So not everything is so sad. It’s just not the same as most. However, this is not “anonymity” anymore.

You have a name, even if it is a nickname, but it knows you, you have Internet friends and places where you can be found online. You can even be “punished” if you do not go to Siberia. Thus it is easy to understand that not only anonymity, but also freedom is conditional, and “crime” and “laws” are not unified, but relative to society. And “societies” can be different.

Having learned a little about methods of work of investigators you can take measures on improvement of safety in each concrete case. For example, in situation #3, you can install an answering machine on the real phone or ask a friend to answer if they call. Register the real phone to the real grandmother to pass the “filter on grandmother”. Try to combine situations at home, leave the phone in different places, etc. This will somewhat complicate the work of the investigators, but it will also complicate your ‘dark activity’. Will it help at “X hour”? It is not a fact.

WARNING! All links in the articles may lead to malicious sites or contain viruses. Follow them at your own risk. Those who purposely visit the article know what they are doing. Do not click on everything thoughtlessly.


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