How to connect and configure your joystick (gamepad) on your computer

For the most part, modern computers play the role of solely entertainment, it has moved slightly to the side. Because the gaming industry is growing rapidly, it became possible to play games intended for PS or Xbox on a desktop. To implement the desired we need only the adapter and the controller itself. Many people do not need to explain what the gamepad. But if someone has a question, it’s simple — a joystick. There are different types and forms. Respectively, and are connected in different ways.

It is important to note that almost all modern game controllers work through the USB port, and some are additionally equipped with a Bluetooth adapter. The owner of the device can plug the gadget in one of these ways (assuming that the computer is equipped with Bluetooth). Modern operating systems perform the search necessary to operate the device drivers in automatic mode, when the first connection. Therefore, the user does not have to “climb” online and look for them, which greatly saves your time.

A custom driver for your controller

Wireless joystick — to begin with it is necessary to install the batteries or in some cases charge the battery. Please note that in the compartment or near batteries manufacturers often “hide” a small adapter for the USB port (not lost in transit).

Bluetooth joystick (without USB adapter) — just click on the Bluetooth icon in the system tray of Windows and add a new device (pairing the joystick with the computer is literally a 2-clique).

If the driver has not been installed automatically by the system — pay attention to the model of the joystick. Complete to most non-standard models is a disc or flash drive with the required drivers.

Custom gaming joystick

Drivers are responsible for the possibility of gaming devices: the presence of vibration, the sensitivity of the sticks and so on. Unfortunately, device manufacturers do not allow fine-tuning. A pleasant exception is the Steam Controller, where you can customize literally everything.

Gaming devices you can find in Settings — Devices — Devices and printers. In addition to the monitors, speakers, hard drives and other peripherals there are icons gamepads and keyboards.

The settings of the actual drivers is available by pressing the right mouse button on any of the game controllers and selecting “Options gaming control devices”.

The second “Properties” button causes the settings of the controller. Here are the options of the positioner from Xbox 360:

Use of additional software for the controller

Every owner of a PC can save a lot of time to configure joystick or gamepad can use specialized third-party software.

Of course, we are talking about cases where the computer sees the joystick, Windows gives it to calibrate and check all the buttons work, but the game itself simply does not know about its existence. The problem can be solved with the help of special. utilities (a kind of emulator keystrokes.



Free application that allows you to emulate pressing the keyboard buttons with the joystick. The whole setup of JoyToKey is to ask what joystick buttons are responsible for certain keyboard keys.


Home page:

This utility is designed specifically for the Dual Shock 4 controller. These should be used for Playstation 4, but can be connected to a PC. Theoretically, nothing prevents the “turn” Dual Shock 4, the Xbox 360 controller using x360ce, but it is better to use DS4Windows. It’s tailored for the gamepad.


Where to download:

For some reason, few people know that in the game launcher Steam is also possible to configure the gamepad. Go to Steam — Settings — Controller. Click on “Basic settings controller” — in the opened window you can reassign keys as XInput and DirectInput controllers.

Put the check in the corresponding item, assign a button and use it. DirectInput gamepad will be determined by the games from the Steam library as the Xbox One controller. Emulation will only work when you start the game through Big Picture mode.

When installation of all components is complete, connect the joystick to a personal computer either via USB or via Bluetooth.

The results

I hope now you will not be any difficulty how to configure a joystick on the PC for all games. In addition to these settings, you can experiment and also in the game. Depending on the model of game joystick and its settings can be extended or minimal. In the budget version, you may not even detect the installation disk.

Helper video from YouTube

Source: Yandex.Zen,

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