How to copy someone else’s site and upload to a hosting?

It so happens that you found a good web resource with an unusual design and I want to understand how it made certain elements which are used tags and styles. Especially handy to have the files of the site you want on the hard drive of your PC or the store on dropbox. To view the code at any time, regardless of whether there is Internet or not.

In fact any website — only code that is interpreted by your web browser and comes at the request from the host. Alas, not every landing will be able to copy. However, 70-80% of the total number can be blown, which can not but rejoice.

I warn you once – to steal, so other people’s projects is impossible! But in order to make a backup of your site or to look at how to typeset one or the other element of any resource, such an approach can be used.

Install and configure software to copy

We will work with the program Wget, which can be downloaded here:

Go to the website and download the archive with the program.

Information on the program is written in Wikipedia and there is no need to paint all the nuances of her work. Next, create a folder at the following path: C:Program FilesWget

Extract from the archive file to the folder created in the previous paragraph. After the conductor is press the right button of the mouse on the This PCProperties “Advanced system settings”Environment variables:

In “System variables” go to → “Path”:

Click Create and specify the path to the folder Wget. All the Windows shake OK. Finished, installation is completed.

To check if everything’s done as needed. For this combination win+R will call window Runintroduce him “cmd” (without the quotes) a command window will open. In her writing “wget” (also, without quotes), and if you see the same message as in the screenshot below, the installation was successful:

A copy of the website on the computer

Let’s say you found a site, a copy of which want to receive. First, pay attention to the address. If there are characters from the Cyrillic (www.сауны.рф), you will need to convert them into the correct Wget to work with

Go to command prompt and write: wget —page-requisites -r-l 10 adresbook

Click Enterand the copy process starts. After it completes, confirmation message will be displayed:

Source site stored in the folder: C:Usersusernamenavaneelan

In our case, is C:Usersимя_пользователя

Check on the hosting site and the Bay

What kind of hosting to work is a personal matter, but further clarification will lead by example . Overall, no major differences, so you can choose any other more or less adequate.

Pass simple registration, fill all the fields which the host asks and enter your phone number on it come SMS with a confirmation code of registration.

After that, enter the code from the message, you will be thrown to the page that shows details for authorization. A letter from them will come in the mail.

Click The “start work” and get into control panel our hosting.

The next step is domain registration. Come up with the name of the domain name entered all your passport details and register on the same hosting. Yet as an alternative you can use other hosting for the domain or directly from the registrars.

Transfer files on hosting

The first thing you need to download FileZilla client . Difficulties with the download should not be, just choose the latest version of its OS.

Beyond the standard installation procedure, you can not look into the details and just press OK. Next, you will need to connect to the host.

In the field “Host:” enter the server address of the technical information. In “User name:” and “Password:” — data that came in the mail when you register:

After click on “Quick connect”the client will connect and you will have the opportunity to upload files without pre-packaging in archive. To do this, in the left part of the window go to the folder with the source code, and in the left folder with the name of your registered domain. Move all the source from the left side to the right, wait until it has finished downloading and can check the result:

What are the limitations of copies

I want to clarify that the copied project, even if it just exactly will look like the original, it does not mean that will work all functions. There will be no functionality which is executed on the server, i.e. different calculators, surveys, selection of the parameters will not work 99%. If the functionality is implemented using Javascript, it will work.

But .php scripts to download from servers is IMPOSSIBLE, NOTHING at all. Also will not work in the feedback forms and applications without any manual modifications. Note that some sites are protected from downloading, and in this case, you get a blank page or error message.

A compilation of video tutorials from the Internet


Online services to copy a simple sites

In the network, there are services that mimic the landing page clean and change it. You need to specify the target website, and download it, will clear the copied page from the extra code and other references. The client receives the new landing page in the form of files to upload to hosting.

Examples of such services: — you specify the address of the “donor” and the service is downloads landing, cleans it of unnecessary code, changing contacts, application forms are rearranged to e-mail client installed admin panel to manage the landing on the hosting of the customer. Cost of services: 1 500-3 000. In the most expensive rate includes editing of content, styles, changing images to make a new landing unique; — this service offers services from simple downloading to the cleanup, the installation of meters and forms of the customer and of unique content. The cost from $8 to $50 per landing; — offers to make a copy of the landing page of any complexity to clear old contacts, links, counters, web statistics and reorganization details, forms and counters for the customer. Services cost from 500 rubles; allows to make a local copy of the website. You can clear the HTML from the counters, replace the links or domain references, replace specified words, only 11 settings. The minimum subscription is 75 rubles for 24 hours.

These are just examples of services. Similar you can find hundreds of if you search.

WARNING! All links in the articles may lead to malicious sites or contain viruses. Follow them at your own risk. Those who purposely visit the article know what they are doing. Do not click on everything thoughtlessly.


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