How to delete the $ WINDOWS. ~ BT folder

How to delete the $ WINDOWS. ~ BT folder

Microsoft releases regular updates that improve performance and include bug fixes. They are first downloaded from the Internet in the background, then installed at the user’s discretion. Updates are saved in this directory and a couple of others depending on their nature. It also stores log files that can be used during a minor update. In some cases, the folder is created by the Media Creation Tool, which is used to download an entire copy of Windows to your computer.

If you notice that you have lost some free space on the system disk, perhaps the aforementioned folder is involved in this. There is no need to use third-party software, and even more so to run other operating systems such as Linux. Let’s use the standard features of Windows itself.

«$ WINDOWS. ~ BT» and $ WINDOWS ~ WS – special system directories that are found in Windows 7/8/10 and are responsible for storing installed updatesas well as installation files of the current operating system. Folder data automatically hidden by the system, therefore, to define them, you must enable the display of hidden icons.

Important: after deleting these folders, you cannot revert to your previous version of Windows.

After that, hidden folders will be displayed on the system drive, where you can view their contents and find out their size.

Instructions on how to delete the $ WINDOWS. ~ BT folder

Open “This PC” right click on the local system drive where the system itself is located and select “Properties“. On the tab “General” Press “Disk cleanup«.

In the new window that appears, click below on “Clean up system files“. Select “Previous Windows installations“And”Temporary Windows installation files“. Click “OK” and when you see the confirmation dialog, select “Delete files«.

At the end of this operation, I went to the system drive and saw the folder there $ WINDOWS. ~ BT… But she was no longer hidden and weighed 0 bytes… Clicking on it with the right mouse button, I selected the context menu item “Delete”. She was immediately removed.

Folders “$ WINDOWS. ~ BT” and “$ WINDOWS. ~ WS” in Windows 10

These folders are essentially duplicate Windows.old folderwhich is used for the same functions, storing the installation data of older versions of the system. Along with the latest updates to Windows 10, automatic tools have been added that cleanse folder data every 10 days.

In addition to the system folders “$ WINDOWS. ~ BT” and “$ WINDOWS. ~ WS”, there are many more directories that can be deleted and thereby clear some disk space… It should be understood that deleting these files will make it impossible to use some functions systems.

How to clear the “$ WINDOWS. ~ BT” and “$ WINDOWS. ~ WS” folders

via UWP interface in Windows 10

In Windows 10, the utility cleanmgr there is a modern analogue in the composition UWP-parameters. In the application “Parameters” go to the section “System”, in subsection “Device memory”… Click “Temporary files”.

Among the data types for deletion, tick the same item as in the utility cleanmgr“Previous Windows Installations”… And we just wait for the process to complete.

As a result of this system cleaning, “$ WINDOWS. ~ BT” and “$ WINDOWS. ~ WS”, if present, should be deleted.

When is it important not to delete this folder? What can it be useful for?

When installing a new operating system, the files of its predecessor remain in the discussed directory. They are saved in case a computer malfunction occurs, and are used to restore an earlier state. Win.

In the most extreme cases, this directory is used to restore a lost old OS version. And further. Some important and necessary files from this folder can be copied and transferred to save on the hard drive.

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