How to determine the health of laptop battery in Windows?

Each battery eventually loses its ability to hold a charge. The performance of the battery may affect how you use it, so it is important to monitor the battery status on your laptop. The lifespan of laptops continues to decline over time. The more worn out the battery, the less life. Eventually, the battery dies.

To schedule a replacement, you should be aware of the battery status:

  • Start a command prompt as administrator.
  • Type one of the commands:
powercfg /batteryreport
powercfg /batteryreport /output "C:diagnostic_batterie.html"
  • Hit “Enter“.
  • The command will return the path, go for it.

The report file will contain information about the charge, the charge cycles and battery health.

If you have only recently installed the OS, then the report you receive is unlikely to be sufficiently detailed. Therefore, this report is best to request to if you have repeatedly switched on and off your computer, that is, if you have at least a few days have a laptop with the OS.

Once the report is complete, the computer will show exactly where you saved the report. To access it you can use Explorer.

  • Click This computer in the left column.
  • Double-click the drive labeled Windows (C 🙂

When the folder opens, You will find in it report created by Windows 10. Double-click the file Diagnostic_battery.htmlto open it in a regular web browser.

In addition, you can find the report using the command line. To do this, press the key combination Win+R and enter in the command line the location of the file it will look like the following: “C:WINDOWSsystem32energy-report.html“.

Timely tracking changes will allow you to determine the moment when it is necessary to replace the battery on your device.

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