How to disable sites to request permission for notifications in Google Chrome?

How to disable sites to request permission for notifications in Google Chrome?

Almost all modern websites when you first open offer to subscribe to notifications to get important news fast messages. Not everyone uses this feature, but when opening the new site will still see this window asking you to subscribe. Most importantly, these subscriptions can be managed or even disable them in your browser.

A special feature of the chips is that one does not need to go to the website to see what appeared new notifications about new interesting publications he receives in his browser. However, if you are actively surfing in the Internet, pop-up browser Windows become too Intrusive and annoying. Agree, very annoying each time to click “Block”.

Not many people know that, for example, in Google Chrome (for both Windows and Android) have the opportunity to once and forever get rid of the annoying of offers from all resources.

If you want to disable all sites the ability to request notifications, use the following instructions:

1. Open a browser Chrome.
2. In the upper right corner of the window click on the icon three dots.
3. Go to “Settings“.
4. In the section “Privacy and securityselectSite settings“.
5. Click on the tab “Notice“.
6. Now turn off the option “Ask permission before sending (recommended)“.

By default, notifications from websites, apps and extensions appear in Chrome only after your permission. Do you work or have fun, a sudden message from online shops, news portals, and the more fraudulent websites will never bother you again. This setting can be changed at any time.


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