How to enable screen recording in Android Q?

How to enable screen recording in Android Q?

Android Q you can use the built-in directly into the system a means to record what is happening on the screen at any time you want. This feature will meet the needs of most users, but only on the basic criteria, such as record, pause, stop, save, and, of course, the ability to share the resulting video.

By default, Android can only make pictures, but to release Android Q brought the record function screen. However, it is unavailable unless you perform some operations with the help of ADB. ADB (Android Debug Bridge — Debug bridge Android) — a tool that is installed with Android-SDK and allows you to manage your Android device. Info about installing ADB available on the Internet. For example, on the Russian forum 4PDA. There you will find the list of operations that you can perform by using ADB.

So make sure your computer has ADB installed. You can download it as part of the archive from the official website of Google to the subsequent links:

• Windows

• Linux

• Mac

Then just connect your phone to computer via USB and run the following command at the command prompt:

adb shell settings put global
settings_screenrecord_long_press true

After that your phone will have access to the recording function of the screen. To access the menu screen recording you need to press and hold the power button, and then click the “Screenshot”.

If something goes wrong or you just want to disable this feature, you can use another command to restore the default settings:

adb shell settings delete global settings_screenrecord_long_press

How else can you enable screen recording in Android 10?

To do this you need to first activate the hidden partition system settings “For developers”:

  • Open the Settings menu
  • Go to “System”, which is located at the bottom
  • Tap the “About phone” (or “About tablet”)
  • Look at the bottom item “build Number”
  • Quickly press it until you see a notification that you have become a developer.

After that, go back to section “System“-> “Additionally“where you will see a new section “For developers“. Go to this section and open the item “Experimental features“where to find and activate the option “settings_screenrecord_long_press toggle“.

How to use screen recording in Android 10

In order to start a screen recording, do the following:

1. Click on the power button of your smartphone to trigger the power menu.

2. In the menu, press and hold the button “Screenshot”, while on screen appears a message indicating that the application is “system Interface” will receive access to the contents of the screen.

3. Click on “Start”, then on the screen of your device, a menu will appear with a button “Start recording” and points to the activation record of the voice guidance and the display of taps on the screen.

4. After the start recording menu displays control screen capture, where you will see the items “Stop”, “Pause” and “Cancel”, and after its completion in the system notifications, a notification will appear stating that the screen recording is saved and you can watch it.

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