How to enable two-factor authentication method lock bypass 2FA Vkontakte

Shadowy forums are rife with suggestions about the hacking of accounts. In most cases, attacks have been through phishing with a fake login page. However, this method is ineffective if the user receives an SMS with a verification code.

Insight into 2FA

In times when sites are worked on HTTP and on the protection and no one really thought to listen to the traffic with the credentials was too easy. Then the traffic began to encrypted, and the hackers had to come up with more sophisticated ways of substitution and redirection routes. It would seem that two-factor authentication finally solved the problem, but it’s all in the details of its implementation.

Warning. All materials and methods described below are provided for informational and experimental purposes. We remind you that the hacking of the users ‘ personal pages and collecting data by illegal means is punishable according to the legislation of the Russian Federation (in particular the criminal code). Be careful and only experiment with or test accounts!

Method of 2FA (Two-Factor authentication) was invented as an additional confirmation of the account holder. It is based on several authentication methods:

  • a user knows something (for example, you may answer, what was the maiden name of his mother or nickname first pet);
  • the user has unique traits that can be digitized and compared (biometric authentication);
  • the user has a device with a unique identifier (such as a mobile USB flash drive with key file).

The first method is still found in the password recovery on control issues. For regular use it is not suitable, as the answers do not change and can be easily compromised. The second method is more often used to protect data for mobile gadgets and for authorizing client applications to servers.

The most popular method 2FA — third. This SMS with a verification code generated by the OTP technology. Code comes up different every time, so guess it is almost impossible.

Standard protection on your page in the network Vkontakte

Additional security account “Vkontakte” from breaking can be obtained by configuring two-factor authentication using the “login validation”, available in the security settings of the social network.

How to enable two-factor authentication for the account “Vkontakte”

  • Log in to your account and go to the page Settings. Then select the tab Security.
  • The top section is called Login validation. Click “Connect”.

  • Pop-up window opens, informing you that when you enable two-factor authentication for access to your account will use the mobile phone number. Click Start customizing.
  • In the next window you need to check your phone number or specify a new number, then click Get code.
  • The phone number confirmation code will be sent. Enter this code in the box below and then click Confirm and To complete the configuration.
  • This completes the settings. Now when I try to log in to your account from an unknown device to the phone will receive SMS with the access code.

Ways to get security code

In section Login validationby clicking on the link Backup codes you can generate and keep the emergency codes that can be used in the absence of access to the mobile device.

As a second stage authentication instead of the SMS message can be used one-time codes generated in the application authenticator working on the TOTP algorithm. To enable this authentication method, pre-install on your mobile device the app for authentication, for example, Google Authenticator or Authyand follow the simple steps:

  1. In section Login validation next to the option Application to generate codes click “Insert”.
  2. For security reasons you will be prompted for the current password from your account. Enter the correct password and Confirm.
  3. The next screen will appear a QR code that you want to scan using the mobile app. If you image is not recognized by the scanner, manually enter in the application the 16-digit secret key.
  4. Enter the 6-digit one-time code generated in the app. After that, the authentication through the app will be configured.

How to disable two-factor authentication in your account Vkontakte

At any time you can disable two-factor authentication for the account “Vkontakte”. However, remember that in this case, to access your account, an attacker can simply know the password. To disable two-factor authentication, perform the following steps:

  1. Go to the menu Settings > Security.
  2. In section Login approvals click Disable login validation.
  3. For security reasons you will be prompted for the current password from your account. Enter the correct password and Confirm.
  4. Two-factor authentication will be disabled. To login you will need your current password.

Now let’s talk about that bypass most two-factor authentication for Vkontakte

Let’s get started! Go to using the token you received when you purchased the account.

Go through the VK login and password. Return to zzvk and go to messages.

Open the message from “Administration Vkontakte” and get the code.

Insert the code and use your account.

That’s all. Simple, fast and working way to bypass dvuhletki! Most likely panicked victim will soon change the password, and then this action can be repeated again and the hacker is only a few minutes to spare. But there is no problem to run some sort of script dump of the page that will preserve the history of correspondence, photographs, and everything that your heart desires for a couple of seconds.

Now that you know how you can hack. Never leave personal information on third party websites or third parties.

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WARNING! All links in the articles may lead to malicious sites or contain viruses. Follow them at your own risk. Those who purposely visit the article know what they are doing. Do not click on everything thoughtlessly.


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