How to find IP across an article on telegraph

Usually when I want to calculate someone by IP, we want to know a particular person and where she lives (country, city, street, house, and, preferably, flat). And of course we can get these data, but not all.

Remember, what exactly the street and the person can establish only the law enforcement authorities. In any other case, attempt to achieve righteousness will be calculated as attempted burglary. And for that you can sit down to think for a term determined by the court.

ATTENTION! This article is exploratory in nature and is NOT a guide for hacking personal data.

Unblocker anonymous publication of articles telegra.phthat most telegram channels supports the ability to insert images from an external source. This means that when downloading the images to the server where it is located will leak our IP. And as the downloading occurs automatically when opening an article — IP leakage can not be avoided.

IP Logger — a simple and easy link shortening service to collect statistics about visitors to your blog, forum or website. With the help of our unique services, You can find out your IP address to determine the geographical location of any IP address and also using geolocation to determine the exact location of any device.

After receiving the tracking links on the website IPlogger add at the end of the extension .jpg. In order to build IPlogger article click on the icon to insert code <>paste the link and press Enter. Now the article is a seemingly innocuous image 1×1but as soon as the user opens his article IP will appear in your dashboard.

Manual point by point:

  • Step 1. Go to the page
  • Step 2. Select. Location tracking, the Picture/link, Invisible logger
  • Step 3: For the purposes of this tutorial we will use a URL Shortener. Enter the URL and click “Get code logger”.
  • Step 4: Copy the link IPLogger to collect statistics (no BB codes)
  • Step 5: Remember IPLogger ID (required for access to the statistics register!), You will need it later to obtain a registered IP address.

This bug does not work when opening articles using built-in view in a telegram to the preview is not displayed will change the link on

What information can be found from IP address

An example of one of these services

Clicking on it, it will determine your IP address, find it in its database and will display information about you:

  • latitude and longitude
  • country
  • the city
  • postcode (likely not true)
  • Internet service provider

All IP addresses are divided into 2 types: static and Dinamicheskie. Below I will tell you what that means.

Dynamic IP address

Normally, the common user of the Internet when network access is issued dynamic IP address. This means that every time you reboot the modem, you get new IP. Ie on the network as though you are a new user. Your data can vary, for example the city.

All dynamic IP addresses managed by the Internet service provider. He knows who, when and under what address was on the network. Ordinary user will not be able to obtain these data. But law enforcement can.

A static IP address

If you have a static IP, you are ALWAYS online under the same name. Unable to restart the modem or buy a new one but the IP will not change.

Static addresses are always registered to someone. Ie you need to provide information about themselves: name, surname, e-mail address (or the address of a company that buys IP address).

With a static address you’ll find much faster than with dynamic. But this option is only available to law enforcement agencies. Regular user of the network will receive the same data as for the dynamic IP.

Be careful in a network: do not go to suspicious websites and not chat with suspicious individuals. If you were in a bad situation, it is best to contact the police.


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