How to find wifi password by using command prompt on Windows 10?

How to find wifi password by using command prompt on Windows 10?

At the present time it is difficult to imagine a person not knowing what the Internet is, but often most people may forget password of wifi Windows 10. In this article I will share with you information with which you will be able to view a forgotten password from a wifi network on your computer with Windows 10. Using this method, you can know the password of any wifi network to which you previously connected your computer or laptop.

In General, this theme is very popular. Very often, a router configuration, change the password from the Wi-Fi network and you do not write it down. Set up, connect multiple devices and successfully forgot the password. And then you need to connect a new phone, tablet, computer, etc., and the Wi-Fi password to remember. And if you have a single computer that is connected to your wireless network, or has been connected previously, the key can be found, it is saved in the system.

If you forgot your Wi-Fi password, you can find it in the following way:

1. Open a command prompt by typing “cmd“in Windows Explorer and clicking “Run as administratorand” under the results.
2. In the command prompt window, type: “netsh wlan show profiles
Thus, you will learn the name of the Wi-Fi profile for which you are trying to find the password.
3. Now type the following: “netsh wlan show profile name=”WiFi Profile Name” key=clear
Don’t forget to replace the ”WiFi Profile Name” with your profile name that you found in the 2nd paragraph.
4. The password of your Wi-Fi network will appear in the “Key Content“or “The contents of the key“.

Repeat this process for each network connection “Wi-Fi” and get information about passwords, if a need has arisen not only limited to one network.

For users of personal computing devices operating under an operating system “Windows 10”you can always get information about the installed passwords using the features application pre-installed system applications. Or use third-party software and receive full list of information just for one action.


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