How to hide all your friends at the VK.COM

How to hide all your friends at the VK.COM

Social network “Vkontakte” is one of the most famous in Russia. More than 80 million users daily use its opportunities to watch news, exchange messages, enjoy music and video. The absolute majority of account holders have hundreds of friends in this social network. And sometimes there may be a situation where you need to keep that list out of sight. To do this, VK has a special feature that allows you to hide up to 30 people. But what to do if we need much more? Below we will see how we can hide all our friends in VK social network more than 30 people in 2020. And also what we will need for that.

Why BK doesn’t allow you to hide a large number of users

VK’s policy on closing the buddy list has been constantly changing. If earlier you can hide an unlimited number of people, then later the number was reduced to 15 and then slightly raised to 30. This is due to the announcement by the administration of VK of a course to increase communication between users, which blocked lists prevent in a certain way.

In order to hide those with whom you are communicating in the VK in 2020, the following should be done:

    1. Go to your WC page


    1. Click on your avatar on the top right and select “Settings”;
    2. Click on “Privacy” next to the right;
    3. Choose there the option “Who can be seen in my friends and subscriptions list” and click on “All friends”;


    1. Click on “Save changes” at the bottom of the list of friends that you want to hide (maximum 30);
      Click on “Save changes” at the bottom;


  1. Set “Who sees my hidden friends” to “Me only”.

However, the number of 30 users can satisfy not everyone. After all, some need to hide from others’ eyes significantly more friends. How to act in such situation? Let’s take apart the way that allows you to block more than 30 of your friends in VKontakte in 2020.

There is an unofficial way to hide all the people you correspond with at the WC if they are over 30. The manual is valid for 2020. The functionality of this method is not guaranteed, as the Vkontakte team closely monitors the existing vulnerabilities and closes them soon enough.

It consists of the following:

    1. Go to your page


  1. Choose “Friends”;
  2. Ctrl+Shift+I key combination and in the opened window of the developer toolkit select “Console”;
  3. Copy this code, then paste it into your browser field and click on “Enter”;

function adder(user,list,add,st) {

var o = user;

o[6] = parseInt(o[6]);

add ? (o[6] & 1 << list || (o[6] += 1 << list)). : (o[6] & 1 << list & (o[6] -= 1 << list));

setTimeout(function () {“al_friends.php”), {

act: “save_cats.”

uid: user[0],

cats: o[6],

hash: cur.userHash

}, {

onDone: function(){

var el=document.querySelector(“.left_label.inl_bl”);






function itr(list,add){

function fn(start){

for(var i=start||0,len=cur.friendsList.all.length;i<len;i++){.






Next, in the console window, insert the following command:

itr(30, true)

and press enter. My Page” will change to the number of your friends;

The number of your friends will be displayed where “My page”

Wait a few seconds and then refresh your page. Your friends will be hidden.


In our material we have analyzed how you can hide all your friends in the social network VK, if they are more than 30 in 2020. And also how we can be helped in this. Since the administration of VKontakte has in fact reduced the legal ways, the only way out of this situation is to use the script. At the same time, the latter’s work is not guaranteed since the existing vulnerabilities in VK code are usually closed by the administration.

Paste the script below into the console
Check the boxes next to the friends you want to close


Click on “All friends”



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